Safex Dev Update: February 24, 2020

Testnet 6 Recap
Last week Igor published the release to Testnet 6 which incorporates the Price Peg feature, the final element in this phase of the marketplace application development. Our tester group went into action immediately following the release and uncovered many bugs for the team to fix.

Among those include

  • An error emerged when a momentary fork happens in the blockchain. So Igor fixed that ahead of the weekend.
  • Enabled so you can buy more than 1 of an item that has multiple quantity.
  • Fixed a segmentation fault on the marketplace application in the CLI wallet so that if not the right amount of arguments are passed the wallet will not crash.
  • Automatic saving has been added to the CLI wallet. There was some frequent issues where if the wallet crashes unexpectedly you would lose data of your safex account since the wallet would crash before saving.
  • So now the wallet automatically saves your keys to disk at the moment of creation to thoroughly avoid the potential for losing cryptographic keys in the process of the day to day activities with the wallet. Note: this is for the command line version of the wallet.
  • The Safex Account and Safex Offer have now been added length restrictions an account has a length limit of 32 characters and the offer title 80 characters

This testnet work includes: account registration, offer listing, purchasing, feedback, account updating, offer updating, price peg creation, price peg updating, offer linking to price peg, token staking for rev share, token collection of rev share

The messaging feature: when you want to buy something, how to communicate with the vendor: this is an element that will exist on a higher layer than the blockchain, since storing encrypted messages directly on the chain is definitely going to be cumbersome, a reliable alternative is to build a standardized system that utilizes arbitrary server infrastructure, such as a cloud instance or a home server that interacts with the data about the account stored on the blockchain such as the public key, and verifies message signatures before storing on behalf of a given account.

This would produce a fully auditable due to its verifiability system of accountability in the case of disputes. Since all messages are signed by the creator of the message and no one but the unique key holder could have made that signature. Likewise, only the recipient would be capable of reading the messages as well. This makes an airtight system for communicating securely things such as shipping information and pricing.

So this system utilizes immutable data stored in the blockchain, and decentralized servers to store the encrypted messages themselves.

As mentioned last week the Price Peg feature was the last element to the marketplace application that we have planned for this iteration. From here we must continue testing any bug fixes that may arise along the way.

Alongside this Igor is gearing up to put attention to the Nodejs adapter to the CLI wallet. So far Daniel has been preparing the landscape for bringing Igor up to speed on the Nodejs connectivity to the GUI.

Furthermore, Daniel is communicating with third parties regarding auditing the marketplace application code.

TWM Wallet
During the last week Daniel adapted parts of the Sails Wallet into the TWM Wallet. The features included are a wizard that walks you through importing Safex keys from the previous wallet from where the migration took place.

More advanced users were already copying and pasting into the Orbiter wallet from paper back ups or from the unencrypted export from the migration wallet. This will no longer be necessary in the TWM Wallet.

If you already have been using the migration wallet then this new upcoming version of the wallet will automatically detect your Safex keys and enable you to use your migrated balances at ease.

We even have a few screenshots of that process:

Screen Shot 2020-02-24 at 10.24.19 AM

If you have a migration wallet of the past then an option will appear load from a legacy wallet

From there you must decrypt your migration wallet file by logging in

From there you will be presented a list of your Safex keys that were created during the migration process from which you can choose to restore into a proper Safex Wallet interacting with the Safex Blockchain.

Thank you for tuning in on our journey to launching the world marketplace. Things are now wrapping up.

The Safex Development Community


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Well done guys, another very positive update. We are getting closer to a to a market launch with every step now now a positive move forward. Keep up the great work.


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