Safex Dev Update: January 11, 2021

I don’t see your comment, and others also don’t see your comment as an opinion but a massive attack.

You do not need to be here watching if you don’t want to. You do not need to mine, trade, or invest if you already know that we are a small team putting together big things, that we actually everyday put our heart and soul into.

The way you approached us was not with construction but with anger and rage. Please, I would appreciate if you just leave us alone as we develop this.

My comment stands, you do not know what comes up that derails a plan that could be fulfilled in a very single moment, and it has to take a delay. We are a development community and a development project, things happen, and all software projects face delays. I don’t provide “false promises” I provide to the best I can (and ok, it is off often so far) an estimate, but in the end I come with the goods. I really don’t appreciate your response and I don’t and other also don’t appreciate your candor with us. If you don’t like it, please leave us be, if you find Safex useful down the road then good I’m glad. But we won’t stop doing our work and we won’t stop seeking our goals because you showed up like this.

I read all of my updates, I cringe when I am not able to meet my own expectations, and I work harder. I don’t deserve these awful comments, and attacks. Every target I assessed is based on my reading the activity of others in the group, and I am optimistic and hopeful.

Beyond that, I see there is a large “trading/speculating/mining” community out there. It is great! yet the majority of these activities are purely virtual and purely speculative. I am endeavoring to do something absolutely different than the rest of the market. It’s ok you do not see that, the same way that people didn’t see Steve Jobs with the vision for the iPad 27 years before its release. They even fired him, but he knew what Apple needed so they brought him back. I understand your frustrations, and I believe that I feel them harder than you or anyone else does. Keep that in mind the next time you want to come and remind me that I’m late.


Patience guys. There’s probably hundreds of thousands of lines of code on github getting updated almost every day. Remember that some things that have come too early have failed. Projects (not just in crypto) that were way ahead of their time might have succeeded if they had waited just a little longer. And based on the state of affairs of this world it’s clear that Safex is better for its audience in 2021 vs 2016.


I think the crux of the problem is you see a given date as a promise, whereas in reality it is a target or goal… something being worked towards.

Unless you’ve actually taken the time to involve yourself in the project, and seen firsthand how the tiniest little thing can create a domino effect to resolve, then I do understand how you can be so completely ignorant to how fluid the target dates need to be perceived.

Dan is absolutely doing the work to the best of his ability, but juggling so many things often means date changes are inevitable.

But coming in here and having a bitch about it doesn’t help. All you’ve done is create yet another distraction that needed attention, again taking him away from productive work to deal with this crap.



vacsetron is a good honest follower of the Safex project;

How can somebody get upset and emotional if they have spent no real time here ?
The answer is they are faking and focus on an attack !


I haven’t heard the term “homey” touches. What’s it mean? Is that a slang reference to final details or some such? Thanks, Holmes.


“homey touches” is a colloquial term to mean, small additions that are not major changes to the space, but enhance the space.


Curtains with drapes,sheets and ruffles. Homey touches. Dollies. Nick nacks. Fancy lampshades


Looks like you live in the clue mansion


Compare, in Dan we trust


Can’t fake that ! :slightly_smiling_face: