Safex Dev Update: January 11, 2021

TWM Wallet
Last week we began testing in the wild the TWM Wallet and the API with a small group of testers. These tests proved that our messaging component and the API are functioning and they are more than neat; However, Liam and I decided to continue to iron out code to make the application more accommodating so that we can release with a single version that can handle more activity than last week’s version.

The initial version of the API enabled a buyer to send their shipping, or NFT information and the seller would receive that. This week we are wrapping up direct end to end encrypted communication via the wallet. Over the weekend we sorted through rendering the messages that appear in a seller’s “inbox” more elegantly.

Additionally, I improved the way that the wallet handles synchronization with the blockchain and saving to the wallet file, so that it can sync balances without crashing. In addition to fixing the logout feature, also now it is possible to logout without crashing the wallet.

With the Orthodox Christmas passing last Thursday, we are having Igor return from holidays after a job well done releasing the marketplace to the blockchain as we will have his attention to do an additional sweep over some specific features in the wallet <-> blockchain bridge.

At this point these are homey touches to provide a more complete experience so as to not have need to redeploy the wallet again nearby in the future. So we are taking the time to add these elements upon what we already have ahead of this release.

We appreciate your patience with this, we are so eager to get it out to all of you, this is the culmination of an epic journey, and we are glad to be able to share it soon.

The Safex Development Community


awesome stuff team!


2021* :wink:

Sounds really nice! can’t wait to try it out :slight_smile:


A good job being well! Plug away heroes… :boom:


Good start of the year :v:


And Merry Christmas.


This should stop happening. Been saying that since 2018. Either it’s ready or it’s not. I don’t see the point of making such claims.

Thanks Dan, Igor, Liam and team for all the work. I hope everyone had a great Christmas break. This is getting real, take the time you all need to do it right, we understand. Thanks again!


The biggest and the best have their delays. We are just a tiny team…


I don’t know why I am reminded of the agents provocateur present on jan 06…

The forces of evil are trying to take control, politically and economically.
It is no big surprise to see censoring (Dan) on social medias of potential competition to their global control.
Or to see agents on forums !

Profile of a provocateur;


Mate do one. If your just a trader then sell. This is the culmination of years of work from a team of people trying to build a decentralised borderless e-commerce platform. Bugs pop up, it’s what happens. I am sure if you actually cared about the technology at all you wouldn’t be bothered about waiting a few extra weeks.


Ban that idiot.


@trader_one The point is, that you don’t know what came up in between those tasks that could absolutely not wait at all. While intention is one, realize I am coding and also doing many other duties that no one else can fulfill. So I’d appreciate that if you are offended with these delays to just don’t read or don’t follow the project, and let it pass. You have no obligation to be here and no one forced you to post here, read, trade, or do anything at all with Safex or anyone or anything to do with this community.

And I don’t appreciate that someone will come here and it is just some random trolls from nowhere, to point out how things got in the way of my expectations to release a software. Hopefully we can gain a larger team where the lead developer isn’t also putting out fires in 10 other areas all related to the project.

Thank you.




If we are on the topic.

What a delay? :expressionless:

This perspective brings me a lot more optimism that we are on the verge of something great.

3 years is better than 30 years. they almost had me convinced that I messed everything totally up. No.


No @dandabek, you didn’t mess up. Ambitious projects need to be nurtured and you are it’s caretaker. You will persevere because your heart is in it!


Most understand delay’s, however we have people like what we see as they dumped there SAFEX unfortunately and need to complain as life is very sad for them now. Reminds me of a friend mad at the weather forecaster because the weather changed & surf is all blown out.


Thank you for keeping us informed. Would love to finally see the wallet, but take your time. Go Safex!


Dabek you probably missed a point. We speaking not about delays. We are speaking about your words on this forum. I am totally ok with delays. But not when head of this project giving false promises every single dev updates. If you would say “As soon as we will finish all tests wallet will be released” thats one thing. But when you telling “this thursday”, “this week”, “already waiting to pushed out” thats another thing.
Sorry if you offended, but this is only my opinion, no hate.

@thxo1138 I don’t understand your reply. Are you on the right forum?