Safex Dev Update: January 18, 2021

TWM Wallet
Igor got back into gear last week after coming back from his holidays after the successful launch of the marketplace application to the blockchain on block height 605,700 that took place December 23, 2020. His getting back meant for the wallet to review the blockchain bridge software that we use and give it a final sweep to be launch ready. So, after assessing things last week he put forward some updates to the safex-nodejs-libwallet library which gives us access to the blockchain function from the Graphical User Interface. Igor updated the build system with the latest boost version and this allowed us to remove the work around that we had used in the Stagenet environment to allow mac users to be able to use the wallet.

On additional modification before releasing that Igor will contribute to the wallet is to update the wallet.history() function to include our advanced transaction types so that you can see in your history list your account registrations, stakes, unstakes, edits, new offers, and purchase transactions. Currently the history only shows token/safex cash generically without directly showing the distinction of the transaction. This is not an intensive feature for him to conclude and it will not require a significant update to the GUI but only a modification to the library that bridges the wallet to the blockchain.

Here is the view of the transaction history that shows empty transactions, but we will seek a couple days to update the history function to show a more detailed view. Those 0 amount transactions are actually purchases or account registrations or something else, so let’s get a better view of that. Igor tackles this aspect.

Furthermore, last week Liam and Daniel continued to iron out the two way communication for buyers and merchants. We focused on getting the messages to render and still have two tasks on the visualization side remaining so that buyers can see the messages sent to them from the seller. We hope to resolve through tomorrow.

You could see your offer list and check your orders, in the following screenshot this form, sends a verified seller an encrypted message of the buyers information and opens a communication channel between the buyer and the seller via the TWM API

You can see the production of all of this on

Yet still a few bits to go, and yet we are getting into position to launch a complete package that we hope will be usable to get us to several thousands of users. Of course we expect to approach the wallet in the future with a bigger team and scale this to be usable by millions of people. Our agility, increase of team size after this launch, and attention to technical feedback will be the determining factor.

Igor’s return to the saddle also met some research related to safexcore, and Igor continues to assess any updates that may be beneficial to our node network. He has been reviewing some of the recent issues in the Monero ecosystem and we discovered that we are not affected by some of the recent updates that were made to their node software, since we did not incorporate those changes we are not prone to suffer from the recent glitches that appeared there. :sunrise_over_mountains:

Besides coding, the group has continued with the future planning this week. As we aim to scale TWM and Safex to a broader audience.

We can’t thank you all enough who participate in the development of this novel software endeavor as this is how we have been able to get this far, with testing all throughout last year to allow us to this point where we are now putting forward the “browser” into the world marketplace!

If we get a demo going this week, we will post it with enthusiasm.

The Safex Development Community


Great job!
Finish line in sight!


Nice Info on update.


Great work .I never believed the 1st version will look so cool and easy to use. Can we keep this panda forever , i love it.


wohoo. good thing we are not affected by those bugs on monero


So interesting, thanks.


Looking great guys. Question though, what does “In/Out” refer to?


Would be coins ingoing or outgoing your wallet…


Nice! Keep up the good work! :muscle:t2::gem:


Bravo Safexy!
Let’s do this!


Looks good, thanks for the work.