Safex Dev Update: July 1, 2019

Safex Marketplace Progress
The past week was a continuation on marketplace User Journeys and the Token Staking Dashboard: can read in last week’s update:

The past week was a continuation on the user journey being developed into a graphical story map for development to be consistent and clear before hitting the ground running with code. This method of development will ensure time is spent specifically at the exact tasks needed to accomplish the v1 marketplace.

Additionally, a mockup and planning of a dashboard to display the total staked tokens, the interval timing for when revenue is paid, the accrued revenue and other metrics derived from this process will be displayed. The intention for this task is to add it to the website as soon as possible to have a clear demonstration of how the system functions. This information initially will be pulled from the test network that is running the token staking system and the demo marketplace offers.

Marko is now back from some well earned time off post token staking system delivery, and he is now focusing on the documentation that was prepared during the past two weeks. Going forward we are using that spec to begin coding the features of account creation and take it from there.

Additional task this week are to continue with block explorer update to accommodate the marketplace functions and implementing a visualizer of the token staking system.

Sails Wallet
Mirjana has made a substantial push to the Sails Wallet code base this past week. She has implemented up most of the visual handles into the user interface, and is prepared for integrating the SFT and SFX functionality alongside the golang module.

She updated the contributor guidelines to include the procedure for building new features. We adopted the well know git flow method and established the develop branch for collaboration across the disciplines.

Last week Edoardo finished the wallet file system, and it is established to be robust enough to store multiple key sets that establish multiple accounts. Also, he has built functionality to accommodate the bitcoin keys side of things as well as migration.

We have discussed and are proceeding with a strategy that will gracefully eliminate the migration process post November 30, so we won’t have too much code clutter and we can focus only on the Safex side of things :wink:

Stefan advanced to computing ring signatures which is the last step to successfully generate and broadcast transactions using the golang library. Last week he successfully connected to all possibly needed information from the safex blockchain daemon so our golang module is fully knowledgeable of content in the blockchain.

Furthermore, he has cleared more tasks in the json rpc aspect in the golang module to be able to communicate with the user interface as well as ensuring that all requests are validated for proper formatting of data.

Safex Website
The past week the Dusan has been implementing new pages so far we are 7 out of 17 completed. Uros in parallel is ensuring each page is responsive on multiple resolutions so things appear properly on mobiles and the usual laptop/desktop environments.

Further, our design team has started working on an animated video describing the core principles of safex and the marketplace. This animated video is being developed from a script that had been written and revised since a month ago, and just now designs are being implemented post website design completion.

We plan to release the updated website with the minimum number of pages that communicate the information that is most important, and add the rest of the pages in a subsequent release.

The Safex Development Community



lovely, keep up the good work team!



Do you have an update on when the biweekly chats are set to start?


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We are talking every single day even on the weekends: figuring out which “chat” to have is not going to be feasible as I expected at the time of recording. And also is complete overkill. Organizing these updates is a couple-few hours per Monday as it is. If it isn’t enough for you, and you can go confirm activity on github. I don’t know what else is going to keep you better up to date :upside_down_face:


Hey Dan, thanks for the update. What’s the progress regarding divs calculation and distribution? Have you defined the details? Is it ready to be developed?


Thanks for the update Dan and Team


This has actually been, Done.


@dandabek Thank you for your response.




So cool, I’m glad y’all taking some time off also, recharge the ol brain !

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Thank you for the update and continued hard work. Curious to know how you are funding development especially with this painful bear market we just went through. I’m sure the crowdsale money is long spent by now.


The answer you seek lies here…