Safex Dev Update: June 1, 2020

SFXOS | Plug and Play Safex Cash Operating System for Mining
Last week on Wednesday was published with the first blog post that includes a full scale tutorial on selecting hardware, setting it up for mining, and plugging in the SFXOS a special purpose built operating system for mining Safex Cash.

You can find the full tutorial and download link to the SFXOS software at the website:

You can tune into the growth of the network hash rate at and if you’re already mining feel free to join there, with a 0% mining fee. We are eager to increase the mining activity within our community and it is a fun way to experience cryptocurrency where you can actually mine full amounts of coins. Help us distribute the mining activity, while we have several hardcore mining participants, and we appreciate all the mining activity on our network.

Testnet 6.7
During last week’s 6.6 testnet we bumped into an edge case that caused network degradation during a purchase transaction. Multiple purchases of the same product triggered a fork in the chain where some rejected the blocks and other accepted the block with the transactions and continued. Igor extended the validation to the mining level so that transactions do not accidentally get plugged into a block that could cause the network to deteriorate.

For example, if you have two transactions buying one product that has only one quantity: the pool is receiving the first transactions, checks if it fits, adds it to the pool ready for mining. Daniel suggested this fix: every time a new block is produced, it will check the validation of transactions in the transaction pool. If any of those are not valid after a new block is added, all invalid transactions will be popped.

Rigorous Transaction Popping Mechanism

The 6.7 Testnet release will be ready on the safexcore github repo, by tomorrow:

That being said, our strict development release schedule demands an additional test to qualify for the Stagenet release.

TWM Wallet | API
Since last week the API is front and center with some adjustments to better interface with an admin panel. The API is intended to serve as a curation layer for whoever operates the API, it also can serve as a website to a webstore where you can host it yourself and add to the authorized list your own username, or the username of the vendors you want to support exclusively. With this admin panel you will be able to offer a web portal that is tailored to your intent of curation, even as a personal web front.

With the additional week due to the 6.7 release, we will also manage to fit in additional CSS improvements that are already underway. We are super grateful to the contributions that the community is putting forward, in this way we will be able to build solid success.

While we face a week delay at this stage, we are still on track to release a mainnet version in the next month or two all depending if we have any show stopping issues, and our schedule incorporates those possibilities.

The Safex Development Community


Updated Release Schedule due to testnet 6.7

6.6 testnet | release May 25th with error
We will be testing the recent major adjustments: these are edge cases that are now being thought of and mitigated against. So far since testnet 6.5 we have not exhibited any network degredation. Now with the latest adjustments opening up the transaction pool to multi purchase, we will now confirm the recent modifications.

6.7 Testnet | June 1
Released to improve thoroughly the transaction pool processing to prevent network breakdown.

stagenet 1 | June 8
Upon confirmation of testnet 6.6 we can deploy a public staging network that includes:

  • The Safex Blockchain Marketplace Protocol
  • A website interface to viewing the stagenet
  • A wallet that enables account creation, messaging, order management, and purchasing
  • An API for developers to build tools that interact with the blockchain marketplace

The stagenet deliverables should be compiled for the three major platforms: Linux, OSX, Windows

The goals of this phase is to enable a wider set of the community to participate in this testing period: that includes support from the existing testing group to get people up to speed. Additionally we will incentivize participants with goods you can buy with testnet coins. (free stuff to testers)

stagenet 2 | June 28
During Stagenet 1, we will discover a lot of information, and with that ways to improve the system. Also, we will have a chance to see if there are any additional major issues that are discoverable with a wider sample of users.

We can fix and improve things and release an additional staging network to confirm the adjustments ahead of the mainnet launch.

mainnet launch | July 12
After confirming our system through stagenet 2 we will be able to set a block height that all nodes should conform to when the marketplace will emerge.

Realize if we are in stagenet and all worked out fine, we can move through in shorter time. These moments can go both ways.


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