Safex Dev Update: June 22, 2020

Stagenet Updated to version 1.1
During last week we launched the Stagenet; however, one of the parameter settings for activating the marketplace functionality did not have a properly set timestamp so the blockchain did not turn on the marketplace functionality. We pushed forward a patch to adjust the timestamp for activation and so far we are confirmed to be up and running.

So far we have accrued a transaction account of the various marketplace activities:

 stake_txn: 28,
  unstake_txn: 215,
  account_creation_txn: 12,
  account_edit_txn: 3,
  offer_txn: 70,
  offer_edit_txn: 10,
  purchase_txn: 215,
  feedback_token_txn: 215,
  feedback_creation_txn: 76,
  price_oracle_txn: 3,
  price_oracle_edit_txn: 4

Last week also we gained some feedback of excessive CPU usage by the full nodes. To address this Igor implemented an optimization that reduced the CPU load and brought those under control:

A download for the updated full node is available here:

TWM Wallet | API
The TWM Wallet and API are still not ready for release this week. Both aspects of the project have progressed significantly and the main prototyping to be cleaned up to be released. This week ahead will be focused on deploying an instance of the API that will manage messaging with purchases, as well as registering vendors to manage messages and orders.

If all goes well this week then the wallet will be released as soon as it is confirmed and working. This is at the front line of delivery at the moment.

Script for counting the marketplace transactions
Also last week, I’ve published a script that developers can use to count block by block the marketplace transactions taking place.

1 Click Miner for Linux Users
A new tutorial article has been published regarding the 1 Click Miner for CPU mining Safex Cash. It details downloading installing and running the program for Linux users.

As well as a variant for Command Line users to run the miner in the background on their system.

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