Safex Dev Update: March 16, 2020

TWM Wallet
During the last week Igor and Daniel continued to work on the marketplace wallet. Which involves updating an interface that we use between the wallet graphical view and the blockchain itself.

Igor finished linking up the Account Edit function and it is now link-able to the graphical user interface. Below is a list of Transaction Types that are in progress being wired up to the GUI.

enum class TransactionType {
  CashTransaction = 0,
  TokenTransaction = 1,
  MigrationTransaction = 2,
  StakeTokenTransaction = 3,
  UnstakeTokenTransaction = 4,
  PurchaseTransaction = 5,
  CreateAccountTransaction = 6,
  EditAccountTransaction = 7,
  CreateOfferTransaction = 8,
  EditOfferTransaction = 9,
  FeedbackTransaction = 10,
  CreatePricePegTransaction = 11,
  UpdatePricePegTransaction = 12

He will continue through this week connecting all of these transaction types into the functions that are then consumable through the NodeJS part of the application (the part that you click on)

Daniel on the other hand continued with producing the wallet interface. He added the ability to open an existing wallet file, create a new wallet file, and recover from key sets. During the past week the refresh and updating methods were heavily reviewed and some errors emerged in that part of the application that are not fatal but definitely needed to be documented to be addressed at some point in the future.

The wallet is now also synchronizing to the blockchain and fetching the accurate balance. During this week Daniel will hop over to transaction forming, and lay the foundation for account creation which will be the first function to incorporate into the wallet.

Igor and Daniel agreed to regroup in the middle of the week to then forge all progress in the marketplace functions into the wallet.

On the API side of things Daniel will be refactoring the items database to derive from parsing each block one by one from the blockchain. Currently the API is utilizing the list_offers call from the safexd; however, that will return only a large list that can get out of hand. So to address this, the CLI wallet will be refactored to save offer and user information to a file, while the TWM API will be refactored to do a full manual scan of the blockchain and establish a database from individually parsed blocks.

The API serves to allow sorting, searching, and whitelisting. We need these features because for example people can post incomplete or invalid products to the marketplace: such as lacking a picture, maybe they listed something as a test and it is nonsensical. So an API layer can enable someone or company to curate content that is coming from the blockchain and in this manner you can run a wallet or website that renders only the products that the admin intended for.

The blockchain layer itself contains all the listings, but the API gives features of control to the users and operators of markets to better deliver what it is that people are in demand of and to segregate wholesome from incomplete content.

You will always be able to get to the blockchain to check the RAW content as is OR interact with the API that properly parses and displays structured listings and perhaps filters out invalid products or questionable vendors.

Dan explains the current state of development and also gives a description of the utilities the API affords us in the following two videos:

And about the TWM API:

Corona Virus Situation
On Sunday, Serbia has escalated the response to the corona virus. In reaction most of the Balkaneum office is working from home, as well as Igor. The team is healthy and we have taken measures to increase the chance to maximum that we will get through without casualties.

From the Safex Team, we extend our deepest condolences to the families of the victims of the illness, and to anyone experiencing hardship we hope that things resolve positively for you. Even as a long shot never hesitate to shout for help.

Screenshot from 2020-03-16 15-06-39

We are in the last phase of development before releasing the marketplace. That is why last week’s development update was so short. There is a singular task before us related to completing the wallet and the API which will help sort products and the like.

The Safex Development Community


I like these video updates, reminds me of old safex video updates.
Hope this virus thing won’t influence you and your work guys. Stay safex!


Very cool, thanks


Great up-date, but why no announcement of new exchange as was on discord: aussiesloth :australia::sloth:Today at 1:04 AM

@everyone SFX now listed on Shortex Exchange, including a new pairing not previously seen for Safex before… by the way not available in my country, not worried and good to see another exchange


Shortex made the ANN on their twitter account after the weekly update was pushed by Dan.

(And yeah, I forget to make a post here on the forum. My apologies)


sounds like a big deal. you tried to use shortex?


Not yet. Still part way thru the KYC.


cool I will try it today, thanks!


Thank’s aussiesloth makes sense now, hope things go well on shortex


Made a note to definitely include that news in the next update as the news from shortex came out after this post was pushed live.

Note: also on shortex is only safex cash listed at the moment.