Safex Dev Update: March 2, 2020

Testnet 6.1 updated
Last week on Thursday was released the 6.1 version of Testnet 6. This is following the feedback received from the tester group from two weeks ago. There weren’t any major bugs to address and most of the release was around wallet stability and avoiding crashing while using it.

Igor also added sanity checks and exception handling to the function calls within the wallet that make it much smoother to utilize. Safex Accounts now are always lower case, and contain digits, underscore, and dash.

If you are interested in testing the marketplace ahead of launch making history together, you can check the latest binaries for OSX and Linux here:

Huge thanks to our tester group for your diligence and support!

This is a screenshot of the price pegs on testnet and the interactive prompts to assigning your offer a price peg.

You can enter a price in your chosen currency and when the price peg adjusts the conversion rate to the market price of Safex Cash so will your offer price reflect in the appropriate adjusted exchange rate in SFX.

You also have a chance to set a minimum SFX price so that even if the price peg went haywire or malicious you would protect your listing.

The current implementation of the marketplace as far as features go are complete. The full loop of purchasing over the blockchain is established: you can list a product for sale, attach the price to a dynamic price peg, people can make accounts, buy products and leave feedback.

All of these actions are embedded in the blockchain and so far have been being tested using the command line interface; so now our focus is transitioning in full to the graphical interface.

TWM Wallet
During the last week Daniel navigated through the Nodejs adapter to the C++ command line wallet. This module is the one that is powering the Orbiter wallet and the ground is now broken on the needed overhauls to bring the functionality found on the testnet wallet into the graphical user interface for mass consumption.

In the module we need to:

  • Bring the underlying code up to date with the current version of packages
  • Code into the adapter the marketplace functions found in the command line wallet
  • Link up to the graphical elements of the new wallet application

Igor is tackling the C++ and adapter side of the story while Daniel is going ahead with the wallet interface. In addition to the adapter and the graphical interface is an API where pictures, messages, and other content will be stored for the purpose of easily finding vendors, viewing products, and sorting data.

These are the last steps to a usable version 1, thanks for being on the road with us!

The Safex Development Community


Very cool, thanks


Nice one. Keep it up.


Keep doing it! And thank you so much guys!


As far as the new wallet and marketplace, I am hoping I will be able to use my current (older) Apple, similar to the first iteration of the wallet. I look forward to the near future.


For sure with this wallet, how important it is; we will put more time to making sure it is compatible with as many platforms as are out there.


Thanks Dan and Igor. I think that you guys are amazing, the time and effort that you both invest in this project and the results you have achieved. Are simply incredible and I am sure that the community is very appreciative. Thanks.