Safex Dev Update: November 23, 2020

Stagenet 3
Last week we updated and released Stagenet 3 to the public for download and to update their full nodes.

The following list highlights the poignant changes that took place since Stagenet 2.

  • Fixed 99% of warnings when building
  • Improved purchase logic
    • Better outputs selection
    • Purchase now stores hash of the offer ID, title and description, so if the offer is changed before the send, the purchase will be blocked
  • Improved output histogram RPC call
  • Removed double checks for speed and added proper checks for advanced txs
  • Fixed sweep unmixable
  • Added additional tests for double spend
  • Added tests for double purchases and other 2 advanced txs in the same block
  • Added checks for the block verification when creating a block template in the pool
  • Fix for unique cash send scenario
  • Miner tx again splits reward into digits
  • Merged develop to master branch
  • Increased token fee to 1000 for account creation
  • Reset stagenet height to 90000 and start advanced txs from height 91020

We opted to regard the new iteration as Stagenet 3 since the network was reset so naming it Stagenet 2.1 did not seem fitting. With this new updated stagenet this is our Mainnet Release Candidate which means for Safexcore, pencils are down; and only trimming the whitepaper and documentation is on the deck.

While the Stagenet 3 took over from block 91020 the TWM Wallet has not yet been released alongside the activation.

TWM Wallet | API
During Last week Daniel faced a bug with the wrapping of the PGP library with the electron build. This prompted a partial rewrite to use a lighter weight library in it’s place. This is in progress, and should be completed and released no later than Wednesday, in time to put the Stagenet 3 into play.

This is a part of the wallet/messaging API that will enable users to communicate their shipping information, NFT wallet address if buying intangibles, and to allow merchants to respond with information such as tracking. All of this communication takes the form a dead drop encrypted server system, that ensures privacy and security for all people.

The release of the TWM Wallet on Stagenet 3 will not include an update for the Graphical User Experience, and that will be reserved only for the mainnet release.

Revised Blue Paper
In light of recent pursuit of exchange listings, of which we have secured acceptance of our application to some so far. In light of this, we are coming forth with a revised Blue Paper as we move forward to introduce Safex to more markets during these exciting times.

Igor and Daniel have already discussed that so far it appears that the blockchain side of things are ready for mainnet action, and we are ready to announce a block height to activate the marketplace. What remains are external connections that will enable the marketplace and the ecosystem to flourish into the new year.

Stay Tuned.

The Safex Development Community


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