Safex Dev Update: September 16, 2019

Marko further developed the CLI for account interaction: in the case where the wallet parses all accounts from the blockchain and identifies your own. From here the wallet can deploy data such as sell offers as part of the marketplace application.

Marko also updated existing blockchain tests that ensure data consistency and proper logical outcomes of the codebase. When we introduced the accounts mechanism most of these tests fail due to the new code. So the only way to address this is to refactor the tests to include the new features, and to test those new features that they are successfully integrated into the code.

Besides this, during the last week Daniel concluded many of the data structures for the marketplace application and demonstrated the use cases in a demonstration marketplace application. The accounts are more or less wrapped up for the time being and Marko will now begin addressing the sell offer transaction, from here is the listing of products.

Sails Wallet
During the last week Mirjana was wiring up the sending sft or sfx transaction to the wallet. Edoardo refactored the transaction forming into two steps so that you can confirm the fee cost prior to committing to sending the transaction.

We also added import of individual bitcoin keys in the case of needing access to the migration system or to transfer bitcoins.

Tasks remaining are integrating the migration system to the sails wallet.

We intend to release the Sails wallet with the routes for interacting with the marketplace this would be easy to get started buying and selling without much update requirements.

The next Migration run will be on September 21st.

Livecoin Wallet Issue
The Safex Team is in direct contact supporting the exchange to resolve wallet issues.

Display ads started mid-last week and we’re seeing some reasonable response rates. The next few days will be fine-tuning to gain the best CTR/conversion rates.

The coverage has been broad and we’ve been seeing our ads on the likes of CoinMarketCap, Whattomine, CoinIndex, etc.

Late last week we also got application approval to advertise Safex on the Brave Advertising Platform, which is the native crypto-based ads platform in the Brave browser.

Furthermore, a new writer has also joined the UK team, along with their graphics designer who gets back from vacation on the 18th. We should start seeing all this come to fruition next week so watch this space.

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Cool info, thanks

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good to see that marketing has started, time for safex to be broadcasted


It’s high time people remind themselves about safex. There is even no more discussion on reddit, few comments here and on twitter. I hate this stagnation. I hope that marketing will be “heavy” enough