Safex Developer Update August 7, 2017

Greetings to everyone!

Over this weekend some of our team have been visiting in Szczecin, Poland for a crypto currency conference. It has been a huge success and we have had a great time meeting so many enthusiastic people in crypto and especially the Safex project. A video of the event is being compiled.

During this event we gave a first look at the updated website as well as a demo of the safex wallet. The website is now live, coin vending which is disable at this time will resume after we return to home base.

While we are here we are meeting with friends and partners who are helping and will continue to participate in the proliferation of Safex and our marketplace to the world who can benefit from our technology.

Therefore, please anticipate the wallet downloadable during the week when we return.

Additional great news is that bittrex has updated our Ticker to SAFEX properly :+1: shout outs to them for being so great in supporting our effort.

Superbly appreciate everyone’s support, vision, and enthusiasm and we will continue to progress towards our launch of the marketplace.

Safex Developers


Thanks Safex team! You are amazing! :fireworks:
New web site is awesome!..’‘Everything is awesome…’’! :star_struck:




Incredible job, team!


Hey, is offline. Please fix it, i’m so curious to see it.

It is Online now and looks legit beautiful!

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Well done team, looks fantastic!

Great job.

Some observations.

  • Missing a period after Decentralized Organization in the Main Features section of the website.
  • Raise typo of Ralse in Introduction of the crowd section of the website
  • Bullet points in the Road map section would help
  • The bottom portion of the about of SafeX you will get in the wallet is cut off
  • Option 1 in the education section should be white and not blue.
  • A space in between option 1 and 2 would help.
  • This is a nice quote in the education section but “The” should be lower case after the semicolon or a period must be placed after meadow.

They have passed like rain on the mountain, like a wind in the meadow; The days have gone down in the West behind the hills into shadow.


Daniel - site Looks fantastic graphically - but there are some issues that need addressing:

  1. There are several grammatical errors - including non-use of commas and apostrophes.
  2. The language used is flowery and inappropriate at points - Agressors and “oppressors” belongs nowhere near a coin’s homepage. That whole paragraph needs redesign. I’d be happy to help with this.
  3. Reference to the Chief Architect, by first name (only) on the first page seems amateur hour… Look at your competitors - none of them do that.
  4. the entire image is antithetical. If you want to be synonymous to Silk Road - the site famously closed down for the exchange of Drugs and contraband, then the Pirate ship is appropriate. Otherwise - if you’re just trying to create an alternative for people to buy and sell goods, that’s different.

As a bitcoin-worth holder of a 600 sat coin - I want nothing more than success for you and your team. Also outlining who the other team members are as far as dev’s are concerned, might take away concerns this is a one-man dev Show.


Awesome! Great updates, and thank you for your hard work Dan! SAFEX all the way!!

Additional examples of grammatical concerns: “Daniel had the benefit” - next sentence “He had”- a) sounds passive, not just past tense. b) redundant. c) none of that explains “world class” – there’s a saying in journalism - show me, don’t tell me. Consider highlighting the things you saw, mention the coins you worked on, or professional experience coding if it’s relevant and bolster’s people’s view. OR just don’t mention it in the top banner. Most coin sites have the team at the bottom of the page.

Also, as for the narrative “Along comes Safex” this whole storyline is dopey: walking a trail, dragons come along, Safex “saves the day” – sounds like an RPG - but this isn’t an RPG, it’s IRL. If you want RL Wall St. $ - and hedge funds are investing real money more and more crypto every day – you need to replace that Dungeons and Dragons/GOT story line - and make it sound professional: People wish to engage private commerce, free from regulation, with exceptionally low-fees, safe from hackers. Our decentralized platform is that means.

Everything else about the site is amazing visually… please don’t let the words ruin what was obviously some pretty hard and excellent work as far as the appearance is concerned - probably one of the most visually spectacular coin sites I’ve seen.


Keep in mind all that not all of the development team’s first language is English. There will be some mistakes that will be corrected. They have a small team working on a huge project. Thanks for pointing out what you come across so that they may address them.


The new website looks fantastic! A huge improvement from the old one. The feedback from the forum members is very helpful as well. What a great community of people supporting this project!

Here is my suggestion for the website:

  • On the main Safex video on the “About” section. At the 3 second mark and throughout the video I noticed that the content is still using the old Safex logo and not the newer logo with the waves design. This can be confusing to the public and new investors/potential users that have not been following the development/progress from the beginning and lead to branding/identity issues.

I watched this project really start to take off this past month, but I know it’s still early as far as marketing/branding and more public awareness. I must say I’m very impressed with how everything is growing and how committed Dan and the whole Safex team are to this project!

Cheers to everyone in the Safex community~*

Website looks great. You may want to put a Beta Ribbon on it until it is ready for launch.

Beta Ribbon:

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the website is down, why?

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I think there were a few amendments, it looks great though!

I can’t download the wallet, is it available to download today?

Going to have to agree… Safex is promising. I genuinely feel some points are correct, a little blunt and to the point, but correct.

I’d guess middle of the week, from what I’ve read here and elsewhere…

@Tdotgto Wallet will be available for download 9th of aug! :slight_smile: