Safex Development Community Bounty Platform

This is an idea for a platform for proposing new features and funding them. This will decentralize the decision making process and maintain a horizontal participation.

Any developers can apply to fulfill tasks and choose which ones they want. This way the community is totally exposed to the process of development, and also the ability to contribute financially and participate in the true costs of production.

Users of the protocol then can determine which features are strongly in demand, and if funded it proves that they are wanted. Features such as various flows on the marketplace for product specific perhaps domain specific functionality. Then the funding entity can participate in that aspect.

For example so far we implemented selling an item in a simple manner, we can demonstrate the auction feature and determine the time it will take to implement, test, and deploy. And determine its cost to deliver. In this way, the feature would be implemented and then the network has the choice to update their software to include the new feature.

We can implement this directly into the blockchain it is completely hosted as a part of the network. Doing so is quite a task in and of itself. We can also produce a similar software for the beginning and decentralize it as we add more developers who can take up in parallel the other tasks.

This is a realistic concept that can involve not only development but also initiatives for proliferating the safex network.