Safex Development Community Program

Safex Development Community Program
This week we launched the Safex Development Community Program attached is a brief application form for those of you who want to participate in depth with feedback and testing of our software. Usually we use turn to the Balkaneum staff to test new software, though these tests are too perfect since the team is thoroughly configured for our software.

That said, we would like to expand our reliable testing group to members of the Safex Community. This is an engaging position where members are expected to be active and response to inquiries or tests within days.

Tests would consist of publicly available code and feedback would be expected promptly so that development can process and act upon it. They will also include feedback on concepts related to application flow.

For this reason we may preference to invite those community members already using ecommerce platforms; anyway please apply if you are eager to contribute 4-6 hours a week. We hope to meet with 20-50 participants.

Deadline to sign up: May 27, 2019

After we close the sign up phase, we will reach out with next steps to accepted applicants.


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Extending deadline to May 27th

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