Safex Development Update - April 1, 2019

Safex Marketplace: Proof of Concept Phase
Development progressed in various parts of the scripting system and blockchain system to accommodate the token lock/unlock transaction type. We have set up a mock blockchain for internal testing of the locking/unlocking mechanism.

This system is fundamental because it is with the Token how we can make an account in order to engage in trade. Following this scenario we can create the sell item object using an account created from this lock/unlock mechanism. Among other things.

Further elements under active production in this testing scenario are the components for reading the total balance of locked tokens.

Golang Libraries
The past week was fully focused on retrieving balances with the golang library. So far we successfully read and parse all blocks, transactions, outputs and inputs, and read the balance of incoming transactions (essentially we have the view key under control).

Some updates to the protobuf interface were made on Safexd the blockchain node software and some other improvements that optimize the process of reading balances.

So we continue with storing the data retrieved from the blockchain in a neat way so it can be usable throughout the application marketplace. Next up is parsing spent transactions and then forming transactions, just a matter of time.

This golang library serves as a lightweight reusable module to include in future projects wallets/mobile wallets/services etc. It is just a matter of time :slight_smile:

Safex Wallet for Tokens and Cash
Work on the wallet is more or less wrapped up and will be in final review when to give a launch date.

Additional ideas we discussed regarding how we can improve the standalone wallet was to enable it to link up with the safexwallet.dat file. Like this we can actually expedite the v8 wallet despite go lang libraries progress. We will consider the scenario further, whether to launch standalone… as well… standalone; or add this fairly clever adjustment and enable v8 this way.

Exchange Listing
We are in progress on the SFT part of integration with The past week we have been in touch providing assistance where needed and some improvements to our integration document as a result.

On behalf of the Safex Development Community
Daniel Dabek


nice update. i was kinda hoping to hear more about the marketplace demo tho :confused: anything you can tell us @dandabek ?


There were rumours about V8 wallet and demo marketplace being released by end of March. I’m surprised there’s nothing about that in the update.

Both subjects are clearly mentioned in the update. I suggest reading each week for the sake of continuity.

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I also can’t see a mention of the marketplace demo in this update.
We were expecting something since over a month ago Dan mentioned this is Discord for the end of March.
Anyway it’s clear from this and the previous updates that the team is busy coding the foundational functionality of the marketplace and a lot still need to be figured out.
We should not expect anything usable for a while guys.
My expectations based on the information we get in these weekly updates, the code pushed to github, and many years of experience in software engineering management, are that we might see something usable by the end of the year.
In the meantime, let’s relax and enjoy the bitcoin and other alts pumps. lol

We have set up a mock blockchain for internal testing of the locking/unlocking mechanism.

I think my comment is taken out of context. You’re wrong about end of the year.

When I said “end of march” if you scroll up comments there were other wild mentions. Hanging onto every word is not right. But also discounting the progress and state of the environment is also absolutely and grossly not right.

Of course, if you’re a vendor ready to sell product over the market that’s one thing. If you’re just trying to time markets, then god help you. This is not what these updates are for and I would prefer not entertain discussion about alts pumping, thanks.

I’m not going to worry about it. :stars:


well, everybody understands that a tool for internal testing has nothing to do with a demo of a working product.

I’m certainly not the one hanging onto every word in discord, also because I have the experience to judge by myself what is realistic to expect in such an ambitious project.
I’m glad you guys are making progress, and I’m very glad to get some insight about it through these updates but there’s no need for a salty comment about a joke on alts pumping.

keep up the good work!


Dan u have this done. been following you since 3 years even when ur the 1 man show. lone dev now ur an army! go get em!


We’ve come a long way since when safex was supposed to be a small application. Certainly building a centralized ecommerce site is a far smaller challenge than rolling out your own blockchain. So making due with what I managed to acquire on my own diligence. Needed to stay strategic. For sure not worrying about anything for some time now. Our team is epic, and I trust them.

Thanks for checking in, we’re definitely on the cusp of this story taking a turn.


welll the bitcoin price really got me off my lazy bed and check the markets bet it got a lot of ppl fired up sure

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Usable MP at end of the year sounds much more realistic for me as well. But lets hope we are wrong, in a good way :slight_smile:

then we got alot of time 2 accumulate … lol SUCKERS while u snooz u lose

Just a little pump in crypto and peoples amotions go a bit sideways, this is understandable as it’s the beast of nature, let’s all progress together and of course the Safex community are anxious to see the market place and everything else. All good things come to those who wait.

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Good update, thanks for starting this up again, I hope that you keep up with updates. At least if not you, Dan, someone for all of the existence of safex that someone will make a weekly development update.

I can see that there is tangible progress, and I believe in what you and the tea, are putting together is becoming a reality. I believe this because of the successful launch of the blockchain, the migration, and that there are constant updates to the code on the github. I can see that you are taking good care of matters and I can see that things are being made. I only hope that you can put together a whitepaper of the design soon. I am looking forward to your update next week.