Safex Development Update - April 15, 2019

Safex Wallet
The past week was a continuation of the address/contact book which has advanced to internal testing. We are looking to schedule a release date following a final code review of the wallet.

This is the first graphical user interface wallet for both safex cash and tokens.

Safex Marketplace Proof of Concept Phase
On the safex marketplace development Marko has shifted from database development and is shifting through the api connecting the higher level transaction layer to the consensus system.

This to do list for this week is front and center for delivery for the test network:

  • Put transactions with lock/unlock commands in the blocks passing core verification (core test)
  • Node - add command to show number of locked tokens
  • Node - add simple donation command (core test)
  • Node - add command to show network fee amount for interval
  • Node - create logic for unlock transaction fee calculation
  • Wallet - add cli wallet command that will create txlock transaction
  • Wallet - add simple donation command this will simulate a successful sale on the network
  • Wallet - add cli wallet command that will create unlock transaction
  • Wallet - add command that will show locked balance
  • Release test to test network (23. април)
  • Node - create collect transaction that will take fee
  • Wallet - add cli wallet command that will create collect transaction

Safex CLI Wallet
Stefan cleaned up an insignificant reporting error that reported token transactions as dust.

Golang Libraries
So far progress here is a successful isolation of outputs and the continuation involves properly formatting the transaction data to be consumed by the safexd client and throughout the network.

Additionally the layout of a simulated testing environment was considered to fully test the transaction layer of the Goland libraries. This is part of the goals for this week.

Further, some refactor of the branches across all features related to the wallet aspect of the library.

Safe Exchange Coin Migration
The migration script ran today, where ~130m safex tokens were successfully migrated setting the circulating supply of SFT at ~785m

On behalf of the Safex Development Community,
Daniel Dabek


this is the BIG deal… once this todo list is finished we shall see dividends shortly later


let’s not forget what is not included in the testnet todo list but it’s required to provide a functional marketplace: e.g creating and managing title markets, creating and managing product listings, product sale, some sort of escrow and/or reputation system to prevent fraud, etc … and I’m surely missing something.


Hi here. Are there plans to expand development power by hiring more developers ? It looks a lot of work needs to be done before putting MP live, so it would definitely be helpful.
Kind regards.


Lovely, already waiting for the next Monday :sunglasses:

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This is todo task list for this week :slight_smile:


Massive! :ok_hand:

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Hats off. :raised_hands:

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100% though once this test features are done, the pattern is established and developing further features gets easier and becomes amazing the possibilities

Yes, we the process of closing 3 offers, will be mentioned in next weeks update
These developers will be sorting out the marketplace interface


Hey, I migrated my SAFEX tokens to SFT i have wallet v0.0.7… how can i send SFT tokens out? i dont see any option for SFT, i have only option for SAFEX…

The v7 wallet is only for the old coin, but with migration functionality added.

You can install the cli wallet or use the McAfee Miner with builtin wallet, or await the release of the v1 SFT/SFX standalone wallet, which is expected soon.

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thank you, where can i get cli wallet?