Safex Development Update April 18


I’ve been a holder for a long time. Bought alot back when it was .006, so im greatful for the gains. Still would love to see a real update on Safex.

Is the block chain 10% ready, 20%?
Do we have 1 month or should I expect 2019?
This info would help me plan my investments better.

Do we have a road map? I have a lot of ***. Their roadmap and updates keep me holding.

Either way I’m on your rocketship and I appreciate the ride!!!

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Great update guys!

Balkaneum is what Safex needed, I think now we can know for sure the project is going to be finished. :ok_hand:

Looking forward to seeing Safex marketplace implemented and operational, whenever it comes. :white_check_mark:

It is better to wait a little longer for a great project than to have a bad project right away.

You have my support!

Appreciated such updates!

I look forward to the progression of this project. Great daily trading volume today as well (>$100,000) at tradesatoshi.

When can we expect another up-date?

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