Safex Development Update - April 22, 2019

Safex Marketplace Proof of Concept
In the previous week some strong swings taken at the todo list for completing the proof of concept that demonstrates token locking/unlocking (effectively account creation), a market sale, and a revenue share redemption.

This is the list of implemented features so far:

  • Implemented core test for token lock/unlock transactions
  • Implemented core test for token network fee donation
  • Add core/blockchain api for number of locked tokens, collected network fee
  • Refactoring of db tables and api for locked tokens/fee
  • Implemented core tx processing for transactions with token lock/unlock/fee donation commands
  • Interest fee calculation (in progress)

Safex Wallet for Token/Cash
Last week wallet took on rigorous testing internally and a number of usability fixes were made and tackled based on priority. There are some minor issues with line up and display of some elements of the wallet on some platforms that we are in progress to address at this time.

Post this bug fix we will be in a position to release the GUI wallet for Safex Cash and Tokens. :crossed_fingers: this week.

Golang Libraries
We are now able to retrieve balances using the golang libraries, and the thick of the code clean up has been done during the past week. We’ve also started breaking into token/cash transfers in order to be able to send funds.

Furthermore, hard-coded variables are now being consolidated into a config file for easier management and accommodation of new future variables.

On behalf of the Safex Development Community,
Daniel Dabek


First at all thanks for regular week update. Is there a full TODO list for work which needs to be done PoC to be completed or placed on Test Net ?
Good luck for future work. Kind regards.

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There sure are many todo lists to every task listed in the update, each of these tasks are being executed upon at least 5 days a week 8 hours a day, and I seen Marko in the office on Saturday when I was there doing a hackathon.

The good thing is that the developers working on the Safex project are full time on it, we do not split our time off of the blockchain. It is very close, after proof of concept we can move onto the application (marketplace). Here we are establishing the toolbox we can develop 1.0 marketplace and any other features we can imagine people would want beyond.


Hi Dan,

Thanks for update. Looking like we are progressing nicely. After we buidl toolbox, will this speed up the whole process? How is whitepaper coming along?

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