Safex Development Update - April 8, 2019 live for SFT and SFX
Concluding our fundraiser a few weeks ago, we are now integrated with to trade SFX/BTC SFT/BTC SFX/ETH and SFT/ETH

Deposits and withdrawals appear to be open and trading is enabled.

Safex Marketplace: Proof of Concept
Work progressed on the token locking/unlocking system
from last week:

We have set up a mock blockchain for internal testing of the locking/unlocking mechanism.

We are at the stage of integrating the transaction type for dealing with token locking and unlocking, as well as adding the transaction layer for the marketplace functionality.

You can view the most recent pull request from today:
where code for testing how many tokens are locked in the system

and you can follow along generally by following safex:poc_dev branch

Safex-Wallet-Cli and Safex-Wallet-Rpc
As part of integration with Livecoin we discovered a bug where the safex token had not been fully wired up to the rpc module, which is now resolved with a minor error corrected. It is released and now integrated addresses are fully enabled for both sfx and sft in the safex wallet command line utilities. This information is mainly for exchanges and any services using the rpc module dealing with integrated addresses and safex token.

Golang Libraries
Focus was on transaction creation. So far we’ve isolated the necessary code and this week will see more progress on transaction creation. Last week there was added consensus level code necessary for accurate parsing of the blockchain. Next steps are fee calculation for the transaction creation module.

Safex Wallet for Tokens and Cash
Last week a few bug fixes were made to the address book, and there are yet some additional tidying to do with this newer feature.

The address book is the last feature on schedule before release.

On behalf of the Safex Development Community
Daniel Dabek


Thanks Dan. Do you also have an update on the upcoming demo marketplace release?



love the locking news!


Thanx, this was good reading for me, since I’m new here!