Safex Development Update August 6, 2018

Greatings Dear Community,

Our development team is continuing with the tasks essential for the launch of the Main Net. Most recently a block explorer has been successfully established. Additionally, a number of system updates have been made and published to the public repository, among some others that will find their way in the next two weeks.

Release Schedule
The schedule for release of the Safex Blockchain Main Net will take place some time in this month. We will use the entire time until the last day as part of launch. Test Net was launched arbitrarily in the month of July when we were certain that it would work. Furthermore…

Public Code Audit
Next week we will be deploying a public code review where developers from the open source community will be able to earn a bounty for reviewing the functions that were developed by the Safex Team. This will ensure any potential bugs are identified ahead of deployment, and a general assurance that we got it done right.

Marketplace Development
Last week sparked the start of the marketplace architecture. Due to the onboarding of a new team member we’ve diligently begun consideration and specification of the marketplace. While other developers in parallel are completing the remaining necessary task list for the Main Net launch, we are preparing for the future. Expect more news from this front promptly post the Main Net launch.

Upcoming Wallet Update
The Safex Wallet is undergoing an overhaul to accommodate the migration system from the BTC blockchain to the Safex Blockchain. This will go released alongside the Main Net launch late in the month of August.

We continue to steam ahead forward. :city_sunrise:

Daniel Dabek and the Safex Development Team



Great! Appreciate very much this written updates.
Everything souds great, we’re on the good way to reach the stars! God bless Safex :smiley:


Dan, thank you for being transparent. I’m not developer, but I’m checking Github on weekly basis and I can see contributions. Keep going!


Can you tell us how the code review that started this week is doing? Would be interested in the feedback you got.