Safex Development Update December 4, 2017

Hello World,

We’ve opened today having landed back to Safex HQ in Belgrade safely ;). That being said, Safex has had quite a tour around the world stopping in Dubai, Singapore, and Dublin. It has been an amazing journey connecting to a wider channel in the world and meet and address many people who are engaged in the crypto ecosystem. Super grateful for the warm welcomes in these capital cities, and the capital progress that is being made with a business world growing itself and having a reach that is more vast, and instantaneous than any system before.

That being said, we’re at the helm of the ship where we had a catch up today. We’ll be deploying over the next two weeks updates to the website, release of the whitepaper ahead of the alpha blockchain launch. Alongside this is the “First Mover” program an incentive to proliferate the Safex marketplace.

Considering this was the first day back, we’ll have a more comprehensive development update next week. Needless to say it was a diligent day of updates for the team, and other administrative matters that will lead to a significant expansion of the development team.

Safex Developers


Welcome home Dan, thanks for fitting the update in. Looking forward to next weeks update! Our coin went on quite the run while you were out promoting, no coincidence I’m sure.

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Welcome back!

You guys hiring? :slight_smile:

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Holy sheet! I’m so optimistic, this is the best update ever! I believe it’s important to meet new people and educate them about Safex.
Love ending of this update :grin:

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Im so glad I found safex when i did. Im only a small share holder of 85,000 share but im happy with that and the news of the whitepaper. Up up and away.


Sounds like you’re already up on your Safex investment Nelson?

Hahaha yes mate. Totally new to any of this but im reading alot and learning slowly. This seems like a good forum.

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Yes great Safex community here, you’re not Aussie by chance?

Sure am mate. You in australia as well

Yes, how funny…

Im a QLDer

Melbourne, :australia:
There are quite a few other Aussies in the Safex community, maybe Dan can include Australia in his future travels…

Brisbane here. I see this having huge potential what are your thoughts on it as a whole. Remember Im really new to any of this. So any advice is good advice

Bloody mainlanders moving in… :grin:

Ambitious project, very undervalued for the potential payoff to Safex holders…

The only potential issue I saw was the relatively small development team, the heavy lifting resting on one person’s shoulders.
Good news above Dan alluded to a significant expansion to the development team!
I wasn’t expecting that positive move, I will be adding to my holdings today…

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Another aussie here. Just discovered safex by accident and liking the way it looks. Trying to buy before the white paper comes out

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Welcome to the Safex community Rach.

Yes the White Paper is the key for a lot of investors/fans, it will be the main catalyst, as well as alpha release for big price move up.

Yea I will do another 50,000 shares in the next day or so. Im not a big player like some here like 1.5mil shares but if shoots big im sure 100,000 shares will be a good outcome. Are u all in this long term?

It’s great to know that Dan is good at both coding and networking. Lot’s of developer can only do the former.

We are looking forward to the white paper & alpha!

@Nelson No reason not to if the dividends work out.


Yes looking to the long term Nelson, started accumulating 3 months ago, bought in heavily when it went sub 100 sats last month, holding just over 1 mill.