Safex Development Update July 19, 2018

Greetings dear community;

Two weeks ago we released the Safex Blockchain live testing. This is momentous because assuming no major bugs occur during this live testing then we will be able to launch the main network; begin mining Safex Cash; Migrate our Safex Tokens from the Bitcoin Blockchain over to the Safex Blockchain; and get our Safex Cash Airdrop.

The source code can be found here:

Safex has come a long way…

The last official update from me came in February. During that time we had just begun the expansion of the company called Balkaneum. Since then we have become a team of more than 20 professionals in Software Development, Management, and Marketing. Since April we started to work on the Safex Blockchain with a dedicated team and by now are 4 members exclusively focused on the Blockchain Core libraries. More developers will join us as we begin to implement the Marketplace code.

Besides working on the Safex Blockchain itself, Balkaneum, being a full service company engaged in the Cryptocurrency space we are focused on the expanding the Crypto ecosystem. Especially focused around Safex because we believe that this is best use of everyone’s time having taken into consideration our emission curve, and our core values which are to proliferate fair distribution of cryptocurrency and engage in meaningful business cases on a global scale.

Affiliate Program and Exchange Listings
We have launched our First Movers program. Since we have not been focusing on exchange listings while we are still on the Bitcoin Blockchain there is some lag in acquisition of Safex which was curbed with the First Movers Program.

Basically you get a link, and you can share with anyone. If someone buy Safex from our website you gain a 5% commission. This is a hassle free way to get into Safex; and that trade volume gets put back into the world since we rebuy coins from the wild and including

If you want to buy Safex Tokens you can do so using this link:

If you want to become an affiliate partner of Safex you could sign up with this link:

When the Main Net is launched we will make the requisite effort to get Safex and Safex Cash listed on exchanges.

For our Australian Friends: allows you to buy Safex using Australian Dollars (AUD) which is big plus for our community. Hats off to their team for coming through.

Coming up:

  • Safex Blockchain Mainnet Launch
  • Safex GUI wallet that connects to the Safex Blockchain
  • Migration to Main Net and Safex Cash Airdrop
  • Safex Cash Mining
  • Exchange Listings

It’s happening people. Now is the time, I have never been more excited about what we’re doing because the stresses of the unknown have been quelled. We have an enthusiastic team dedicated to making cryptocurrency and ecommerce a reality with the Safex Blockchain.

Please check out our Youtube channel for the abundant video updates and sound bites that illuminate the significance of this movement.

Daniel Dabek - The Architect

P.s. here are most of the relevant links to Safex


Great update! Cheers!


Food for thought top coins for the next couple of years.
Bitcoin: Currency
EOS / Cardano / Ethereum / IOTA: Smart contracts/Platform
Monero / Zcash: Privacy
Safex: Marketplace/e-commerce
Tether: Dollar
Bitcoin Cash: Shitcoin
Ripple: Gone


good update things are happening everyday slowly, can’t wait to buy some more at the right price and sit on them for a few years


We will stay consistent with development updates; on a bi weekly basis; now that we are a full fledged development team; and the “upstart” phase is over; I have more time to focus on non management related things :slight_smile:


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Not saying we don’t want to here from the rest of the team at Safex.


Daniel Dabek - The Architect