Safex Development Update - March 18, 2019

Wallet - Standalone (Safex Cash/Token Only (No Migration or Bitcoin))
Transaction history is now linked up and working properly. This was the main aspect of last week’s scope. Further we’ve discussed and agreed to add in an Address Book feature so that you can record others’ addresses where you might frequently send your payments to, perhaps an exchange or a friend, whatever it may be: with this address book feature you will be able to record the address and leave a statement for its purpose.

So far internal testing continues to be successful; however, we did not yet enable it for testing outside of the office. We have discussed to do so next week after the address book feature is embedded.

Happy to say the Safex Wallet is wrapping up. It is this wallet that new participants will be introduced to, and not need to worry or bother with the bitcoin related elements found in the previous wallets while safex was still on the bitcoin blockchain. This means cheaper fees, faster transactions, and security of payments. So we’re really happy to be bringing this wallet to a close.

Safex Marketplace: Proof of Concept Phase
In the past week work continued on the base command layer definition. Some unit tests are written to cover the basic command api. Commands will be executed on the inputs of the transaction in the moment of transaction verification txin_to_script will carry the command script, and transaction outputs txout_to_script will carry the result and state of command execution and reside in the blockchain. Related source code is kept on safexcore poc_dev github branch.

Further work went into coding on the database modification necessary to accommodate the new commands that we are including in the transaction types. In this case the transaction information for locking tokens and extracting marketplace fees. This is a huge step since this establishes the pattern for all future commands such as creating an account, selling an item, etc.

It is a good place to note, that the forum activity has significantly picked up in discussions related to how the implementation of many of these details is taking place. We are happy that we have such an intelligent community of people eager to pitch in their comments and view points. It is really making a difference and allowing more reading between the lines to come up with stronger solutions as a result of the discourse. So, huge thanks to the group on that:
Some of the notable discussions:
Ghost Accounts: should we have a time frame by which any locked tokens be required to show keep alive
Locking and unlocking SFT yearly

Safex Advanced Functionality thread discussing the token locking mechanism
Advanced Safexcore functionality wiki

Safex Tokens as a mechanism for making accounts to prevent Sybil Attacks
Sybil Attack Prevention Making Accounts and Markets using SFT

Finally, ground is broken on making accounts and the related data necessary to have a functioning account within the decentralized blockchain marketplace we know: safex. The Account Creation type is an integral aspect of the entire system as it links in with sale of items/services and the reputation system. The first step has been locking/unlocking SFT since this is the mechanism by which accounts are created as well.

Golang Libraries
Planning and research for integration of block reading, block parsing, transaction creation, transaction signing, and transaction broadcasting had been in the works in the past week.

Exchanges Listings
Concluding our fundraiser, we have taken to our short list of exchanges, and determined the best bang for our buck is on As of last week Thursday all the integration information has been shared with their team, and payment has been finalized.

I propose that a next target we should address is converting the SAFEX on into SFT, and move on completely from the old Safe Exchange Coin in totality. I think that it is something we as a community should agree to: this would lead to transforming the SAFEX on coinmarketcap into SFT (Safex Token) instead of making a new listing and have three coins we will only lead to have two, by inverting the SAFEX listing. The total cost for this would be 0.75 btc since we can opt for the “token swap” feature on the platform.

Worth discussing this week and then taking some action on it.

On behalf of the Safex Development Team from Around the World
Daniel Dabek


that’s great news Daniel thanks for the update. As you said now we must get rid of old safex coin in coinmarketcap (will be very confusing for newcomers) and add sft and sfx . I don’t understand why sft and sfx are not listed in coinmarketcap while they are in coindeal and coindeal is on coinmarketcap. Anyway if we swap on TS i hope that coinmarketcap will swap too.
Is it possible to add the New Safex Blockchain offline wallet generator in the wallet too…? If not we can do it manually.

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Anyone coming into safex will not be confused if we have only 2 coins: but three is very confusing a lot of hoops to jump through.

We are not listed to cmc yet because we need two exchanges trading the asset first. That’s the idea with doing the swap on TS.

The new safex wallet coming out is only for SFT SFX so anyone new will go with that wallet versus the one we have where there are bitcoins and the old safex.