Safex Development Update - March 4, 2019

Wallet - Standalone (Safex Cash/Token Only (No Migration or Bitcoin))

The Wallet repository has seen a beta release internally where ~20 team members got a chance to use and test the wallet. We came back with several improvements and minor bugs in UX over the weekend that are now being dealt with. Additional work involved finishing and testing progress bar when synchronizing and ring size adjustment.

Note: this wallet is standalone purely safex cash and tokens, it will not support Bitcoin or the Migration process. It is intended to be introduced to new users, rather than cluttering the discussion points about other convoluted concepts in the legacy part of the story: i.e. bitcoin and safex from bitcoin’s blockchain.

Safex Marketplace: Proof of Concept Phase
Further details have been added to the implementation document. Some mechanics are being defined such as: a minimum number of Tokens will need to be locked in, a duration that must be established before distributions can be realized, the locking and unlocking transaction implementation specification.

The marketplace mechanics are being defined as a scripting system on its own transaction type. txout_to_script and txin_to_script and within held are the specific instructions to the blockchain how to act on the data involved. Wether it is related to a sale of an item, locking of a token, account creation, etc.

A recap from the QA interview from February 5th: we are building out the marketplace functionality piece by piece through the proof of concepts phase. After testing and acquisition of the methods, we will combine the components into a whole full functioning system that operates in the way that establishes the marketplace of our vision.

Safexd - Safex Node
Issues with the build system have been resolved now for all major platforms: Ubuntu, Windows, and now finally MacOS: the Protobuf libraries are integrated and the build is working on all platforms. New build targets for building safexd with protobuf are also added.

Furthermore, there was a cleanup of the unused RingCT code that is now replaced in favor of bulletproofs. We have not yet activated bulletproofs; however, the RingCT code is not necessary either way. A new branch is established for this: poc_dev.

Golang Libraries
The past week saw work on integrating Badger DB, a key value store for the wallet libraries. Badger is a pure golang implementation of an in memory key-value store, for use in storing both cached blocks and transactions, as well as user keys. website
New designs for the website are completed, and work on the full redesign of the website is underway. This is going to be a React project based on Next.js framework, which will allow us to have a much faster loading time than the previous website due to server side rendering.

An intermediate update to the website with clearer information has been placed into development as well. This initial redesign will cover needed details until the true release of the fully redesigned website is completed.

Exchanges Fundraiser
There are still ~5 days left in the fundraiser to get listed on more exchanges promptly.

16,886.748070303 sfx
48,110 sft
268,671 safex
1.46802886 btc

Which equates to just under ~2.0 bitcoins; we encourage you to donate whatever you can, as all proceeds will be used to negotiate listing on exchanges for Safex Cash and Token. (the new coins only) We have a handful of targets that we’ll approach. Note: we have an offer from a 10m$ daily volume exchange requesting 5 btc to list, for example. :crossed_fingers: We want to land the best bang for the buck.

Much appreciation to and from the community on this initiative. :pray:

On Behalf of the Safex Development Team, and Community
Daniel Dabek


Standalone wallet almost done!
Marketplace proof of concept started!
Safex website redesign!

this is freaking awesome :slight_smile: it’s so cool to finally see the progress that goes on behind the scenes! feels like im actually part of the future now! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again for doing these updates. there is so much going on!


Team synergy makes all the difference; we’re a few months short of a year working together, and the strong connections we’ve established are starting to come through. We’ve all gotten to know each other, what we do this for; and what the end result should look like. Styles, and all… These forged relationships between teammates are helping move things along quite a bit.


I love safex weekly updates. They are clear and easy to understand even for me who is non-developer.
Thank you @dandabek and the team for everything you’ve being doing and even more for things you are going to do. :clap::clap::clap:


Mondays are now better…! Love the weekly updates!

Most probably a big task to put every pieces of that puzzle together, but you seem focus on the main goal and putting the efforts to reach it, which gives me great confidence.
Just excited that all the things coming surely together!

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Wow! So many things are done! I am feeling that the progress is big and looking forward to using wallet!


Great to see these updates coming. Well structured and good level of defail.
One question about the “Safex Marketplace: Proof of Concept Phase”: in the last weeks, are you guys been focused on writing the technical specs or have you also been coding the individual pieces of functionality that will get integrated later?


I agree;

Furthermore, There is of course code that tests ideas that then get documented; and this documentation that’s been written is going to be published at some point soon; within the next week or two.


Hi, that is great news about the release of the new stand alone wallet for the safex cash and safex token. Do we import our private keys to see our balances and can we withdraw our tokens and sent them to the Coin deal exchange. Also, Is there a simple guide to set up the new wallet.
Regards Glass onion.

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