Safex Development Update - May 13, 2019

Safex Marketplace Proof of Concept
The past week in the marketplace testnet has been very active. We are in the last stretch to bring forward the functionality for locking/unlocking tokens, calculating, redeeming revenue share, as well as selling items to spin that whole process, and it is bringing a lot of excitement to the team.

Our todo list the past week was as follows:

  • updated cli wallet token unlock functionality
  • lot of bug fixes related to wallet staked token balance, staked token operations, interest calculation, mining of advanced transactions

Gladly we are firing away token lock transactions and trade offers seeing them being filled, and then debugging the obstacles. :crossed_fingers: as we await the progress until the day we are able to all test it.

We have also created a mockup of a visual application that everyone can use to feel and see the whole mechanism in action.

Safex Development Community Program
The “beta testing” group so far has more than 30 qualified applicants. This is excellent news since we are able to reach our goal and establish a reliable testing group. The best part is the range of experiences presented in the applications. If you are selected next week you will receive an email with next steps.

If you have yet to apply please do so, the deadline for applying is May 21, 2019.

Safex User Stories
Today we welcome Mirjana: an experienced javascript developer who is taking the reins of the user interface and middleware to the safex blockchain. This is among the most significant developments for the Safex project to date. Since the blockchain is gearing up to the functionality needed to have a useable decentralized marketplace, we now need to actively pursue the interfaces both visual and technical.

It is no easy task: any application that interfaces with decentralized technology must leverage robust and complex methods, and requires the full attention of an experienced developer. The timing could not be better as we transition to a consumer version of the Safex Project.

We continued to discuss the application flow last week, and now will involve our new colleague to bring incredible meaning to many people who can use what we’re building.

Safex Wallet
Last week we there has been progress with various bug fixes and enhancements and we will be in touch when the updated version will be prepared for release.

Safe Exchange Coin Migration - May 16th - This Thursday
Also, this Thursday will be the Safe Exchange Coin migration script running. So if you were anticipating converting to the new Safex Token and Cash go ahead and use the migration system before Thursday to be included in this weeks batch.

Please note, that will be undergoing a rebrand of the Safe Exchange Coin into Safex Token, soon (this week anticipated) that the SAFEX markets will be removed and replaced with the Safex Token branding and metrics. Big transition time for our project!

The Safex Development Community


Nice. CoinMarketCap here we come.


Good publicity.


Great Update, loving the transparency!


Great update! But reading these each time causing me the SAFEX syndrome, which is anxiety!
Looking forward for all of this coming in a near/bright future!

Have a good week!Screenshot%20from%202017-07-17%2006-27-45

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Ninja edit which I totally forgot to mention to be included in this update as I was traveling.

Last week Facebook lifted the ban on crypto related adverts. This adds a new tool in our marketing toolset.

The Facebook advertising platform is particularly powerful for us as it lets us get our product Infront of people who would genuinely be interested in it.

Last week we brainstormed a couple of “ideal” behavioural groups that would be ideal for the initial launch.

Once the new website has been released the FB Ads will be included in the mix of promotional work.


That is great News Rich! Is there an estimated date/month for the new website?

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I think Youtube ads would be a good addition. Even to the small youtubers who talk about crypto to get the word out.


Imho, it makes far more sense to target potential MP merchants and buyers rather than YouTube crypto shillers.


ironically, successful merchants are using non crypto youtube shillers to promote their products. So we actually kill 10 birds with one stone … agree 100% @aussiesloth


@Safetyfirst Aiming for the end of June.

RE: promoters. There’s a whole industry out there are drop-shippers, and groups that discuss different ways to drop ship, and make money online etc. These are an ideal group to tap into as they already have the infrastructure in place, and the MP gives them an extra avenue to sell on, and eventually be a primary source of income.


Thanks Rich! exciting times with a marketing plan being formulated :slight_smile:

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Some of those ‘unboxing’ channels on you tube gather heaps of views… perhaps they can do an ‘unboxing’ on using the marketplace.