Safex Development Update November 14, 2017

Greetings Everyone,

This week’s update is a short one, our team is keeping busy:

For anyone using Windows 32 Bit version we’ve update the Safex Wallet installer for 32Bit Windows.
You can download it here:

Otherwise, we are fully engaged in the next series of releases related to the site as well as the safex blockchain alpha. We are looking forward towards next weeks update as we move closer to more in depth progress/release update.

Safex Developers

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Lots of work coming up, keep the ball rolling!


That’s the TL;DR of this update :slight_smile:


Cheers Dan for the kind words! Keep it safe!


We believe in you, keep rolling!


Any chance we get on Binance or any other exchanges?

Thanks for the update! Always appreciated. I know it probably is something that is hard to find time for with all you guys are doing, but again, it really is appreciated! We’re all behind you guys for the win!

There’s a new exchange called Kucoin. It’s very small and has relatively low volume right now, but it could be great for Safex as it’s doing tons of promoting and I really think it can be a good alternative to the bigger exchanges. (disclosure, I earn profits from daily trades by holding their native coins KCS).

I’m trying to push Ark and VTC onto the exchange with community voting on Reddit (no success so far). I’m going to try do the same with Safex in the next week, so will post a link to the Sub once I post the request. If they get enough votes, I’m sure the team will be in touch. No harm in reaching out to them either if you wanted to start discussions.

Again, smaller, lower volume, less well know, but big potential is what I think for the opportunity. They would probably dive at the chance to list the new Safex blockchain tokens first also so might throw in some funding to the program? (or not??)


Thank you for keeping us informed! :slightly_smiling_face:


We are communicating with a new exchanger to list Safex in the next couple of months. Things will be ever more interesting then.


Dan, you and the team are on fire at the moment, great to see the project progressing and your vision coming to fruition. Can’t wait to try out the wallet voting function next month too…

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Great news! I’m sure there are plenty more people out there who would love to get involved in Safex that might not trade on Bittrex

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Are you planning on fixing the wallet so it shows what the value of your safex?


He had explained earlier I think that Safex had fallen out of the scope of the API they were using to calculate that. In other words, it’s not really broken. Once the value of Safex starts going up and it gets ranked again by the API it will start working again.


Hi there,

i just downloaded the SAFEX Wallet for Windows 32-bit. The instalation fle was named …Setup-0.0.4 . The Installation worked fine…BUT…
the Version is 0.0.3 ?
the Status Lights BTC and SAFEX don t turn green, i just have two squares where the green dots supposed to be.

What´s wrong?

I have the same. It says synchronized and all works fine for me


You might need to load the 64 bit wallet which is v 0.03 I think.

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Alright, seems like a bug. Also habe SAFEX=0$, read about this problem in a diffrent thread…mhmm…

64 bit didn t work…using 32 bit Windows

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Yes everyone’s will be zero. Unless u r top 10 I believe. All my shares went into wallet. Just the green lights dont appear. It says synchronized though. When i transferred them from coinspot to wallet everything worked fine. I’m on Windows 7


If you are unsure, you can also open an Omni wallet on and import your private key into there. You can track and have control from there as well. That’s where my 505G are sitting till the calm heads prevail. :wink:

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If you use the Omni wallet, as is always recommended with ALL your accounts, set up the 2FA or MFA. Keep your coins safe from those damn hackers!