Safex Development Update November 28, 2017

Greetings Team,

This will be a brief update. I’m currently on the Millionaire Asia event and will give a great insightful presentation about Safex. So much looking forward to this.

In home base we are wrapping up the front end of the webpage in advance of the whitepaper release and affiliate system release.

We are have had so many positive meetings in Dubai related to Safex and some of the first vendors who are going to take interest in participating in our marketplace.

We’ll be back end of this week and begin integrating these developments for launch within the first couple of weeks in December.

Safex Developers


Great to hear that some vendors are getting on board with this project! Keep up the good work


And the Holiday season begins. Merry Christmas to us Safex holders!


An important note, in Serbia holiday season is in January so Christmas falls a few weeks later :wink:


THIS MEAN the safex will moon at january:rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:


Dan…we appreciate you calling us “team” at the end of your update. Safex will be getting the coverage it deserves very soon across the net once the December updates are released.


Thanks for the update even while you’re super busy Dan!
Keep it safe!

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Thanks for the update @dandabek.

You mention ‘rebate’: Does this mean that two safex addresses completing a transaction also receive dividends from that particular transaction?

awesome @dandabek it still sounds very promising and i can’t wait for the alpha to be released. Will be epic!


Dan, glad you see things this way! Common people don’t like obstacles to trade. They want easy (few steps, no login or forms) and trustfull (transparent costs, easy and fast check, …) interfaces.

The less blockchain or tokens are mentioned, the better for this public

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Great! This sound so good and positive!
December? “Just do it” :muscle:

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Dan, SAFEX Team, and SAFEX Community,

Thank you for the continued engagement and support of this project. All of this is very compelling.

What I appreciate most @dandabek in this update is the emphasis on Education. The idea of a SAFEX U is something that is incredibly important to me personally. I want to see the SAFEX Community stand at the center of the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem and focus on Education. If SAFEXchange is to become what it can become, then individuals must have more information. They will need to come to a greater understanding of the Crypto Economy and the elements that are part of it. Whatever we can do to launch SAFEX U as part of the SAFEX Ecosystem, count me as being a strong proponent of that!