Safex Development Update October 22, 2017

Greetings everyone,

Safex Wallet Update
Pavle and I (Daniel) have been tuning the wallet to provide a number of features:

  1. archives (so you can keep your home screen neat with addresses you want)
  2. live price next to your balance (so you can see the value of your holdings)
  3. Apple and Microsoft certificate signing (so that we can deal with the antivirus companies recognizing the software)

This release will be put up around Wednesday/Thursday this is because of the Bitcoin Gold fork so we want to let that news pass, and provide the release afterwards.

Safex Affiliate Program
Additionally we are preparing an affiliate program where currently on the website we are sourcing coins from the exchange for a fee. This fee will reduce and the slight mark up will be contributed towards the affiliate. Basically if you share your link with someone and someone buys safex coins through the website that person who shared the link will gain a small % of the sale.

Many of our community members have asked about this and therefore it is useful to those of you with a blog/youtube channel/etc or if you have a network that is interested in holding safex coins you can get a convenient reimbursement for your efforts. More information will follow when we are ready to release it: sometime during the next week. Overhaul
Finally, the website is being overhauled to present information more concisely. Also the roadmap will be better presented on this new website iteration in addition to other pieces of information. Also the FAQ on this website release will be present in full.

Chille Alpha
I’m glad to say that our Alpha is progressing very well. Exactly what we are working here is the base layer implementation of our blockchain. This will allows us to set up full nodes, mine the coins, and send/receive payments. We will launch this base layer (simple blockchain) and begin testing the networking and blockchain that it is solid and working correctly. This will be publicly tested and likely will never stop running; that’s our Alpha. Then in the Beta phase we will include the marketplace requirements as well as proposals from the community regarding what is working and not working from a user experience perspective (this will be the most fun).

Ivana at the Bitcoin Roundtable
Additionally, Ivana had a chance to attend a round table discussion with other cryptocurrency researchers. She had a change to present the ideas we have been analyzing regarding the centralization of the “decentralized” currencies such a bitcoin/ethereum and others, and it is clear that the public feels the same way yet only few people in the cryptocurrency world are willing to be real. There’s many “experts” in the industry yet many are just reading cointelegraph which is a centrally controlled news/media outlet.

It is this research that will allow us to transcend the entire cryptocurrency market and enable to rest of the world to enter cryptocurrency and the global trade power it warrants.

Daniel becomes Liberlandian Ambassador to Serbia
On Saturday simultaneously I had been on a visit to Liberland where we had a chance to meet the most travelled people in the world 9 out of 10 most travelled people were in attendance to visit Liberland and check it off of their lists. This was a significant event because during this trip I was officially appointed Liberlandian Ambassador to Serbia.

Thank you
Thank you all for your continued support, we are grateful to you all for the feedback you provide as we work towards the goal to bring mass adoption to cryptocurrency and open the world to trade among eachother without barriers.

Safex Developers


No fridge update? Disappointing haha

Can’t wait for Wednesday/Thursday wallet release!!

This is like waiting for a new game to come out, possibly what Im most looking forward to in life at the moment.

Appreciate the update. Keep it safe!


‘‘No fridge update? Disappointing’’ hahah :smiley:
Ty for the update, waiting for Thursday!
And congrats…Ambassador!

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Here is another Discord link, it will expire in 24 hours.

Join this to get in touch with other community members over real time chat.


The link isn’t working for me, Discord says it’s either expired or invalid. Could someone confirm, or is it just me having this issue?

Refrigerator update :smiley:


LoooooL! :smiley:
Where is Liberland magnet?

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The weekly updates are amazing! Keep up the great work and communication. It is certainly appreciated by all of us

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Does this mean that I can start mining chille in a near future? :slight_smile:


The link was expired after 3h from posting, could you provide another one?

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Thanks for the update guys! Especially the fridge update from Daniel - good to keep the market pumped about the fridge news and potential opportunity for fridge magnets on the blockchain :slight_smile:

Seriously though, as always, your transparency, hard work and clear communication are very much appreciated. You guys in the Safex team (and the community as a whole I like to think) are doing a great thing for Blockchain and the future of decentralisation and personal privacy and freedom.

Best wishes!


Hi! how is going the update ?

Update=get ready for good times:)

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Hate to be THAT person but…

Is the promised wallet update is late… again?

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we ran into this issue everything around that is being resolved now.