Safex Development Update October 8, 2017

Hello Everyone, Sorry for the delay!

Ivana is continuing to sort the presentation of the money supply content for the whitepaper draft.
Daniel has been in Poland during the weekend to visit partners and attend a conference.
Pavle and Nikola are continuing to shape up the safex website.
Pavle and Daniel continuing work with the tasks over past few weeks on the Safex Wallet v3.
Milan has released a series for Serbians to be introduced to crypto currencies particularly the Safex Wallet.

To those from Serbia check it out and share it:

The Whitepaper drafts will be a precursor to a deep progress in chille blockchain development.

Some amazing news that happened over the weekend is that a member of our community represented Safex on a t-shirt at the Forumla 1 races in Japan.

^^ incredibly inspiring and we are very grateful for taking this initiative :bowing_man:

Thank you for listening, and for supporting this movement that is on a direct path to change the crypto currency economy as we know it.

We will be in touch with the releases of the wallet update and whitepaper as they become realized.

Safex Developers

P.s. The reason for the delay: Using my laptop for editing video did not work out hence the delay, fixed that with a new video editing software.


Love the insight, thank you.


Pleasure to listen to you, like always. Keep up the good work!


Good to see update, thanks, Safex Go Go GO