Safex Development Update September 17, 2017

Greetings everyone,

We will be launching the Safex Dividend Calculator during the next Dev update on September 24th.

Over the past several weeks Ivana our team member Economist has been researching and developing various models to help guide the future Safex and the marketplace. This research includes the Safex Dividend Calculator which is going to be released in the upcoming development update. She will come onto the next development update to discuss the calculator and explain how it works along with some of her findings related to Safex and the marketplace. This will allow you to see the ROI that could be expected depending on certain metrics.

Additionally, we have been collaborating on the Safex white paper that combines the Chille blockchain and Safex components one is Red the other Blue so we will have a Purple paper which combines the elements and how they intertwine together that makes a unique and viable solution to many problems in e-commerce and crypto currencies today, from security issues related to privacy and personal protection to economic problems related to money supply and distrubtion of currency.

During last week we had a visit from a couple of Polish crypto currency community leaders who had visited and met with our Safex team. We did a couple of interviews where they generated some questions which I was glad to answer as well as some Polish language tutorials which will be published for the Polish community that is so proliferate in crypto currency today.

Also, Milan has had great progress in his meetings with securing high profile partnership for the future of Safex and the marketplace. He will publish about them as soon as he has solidfied his deals.

In addition, Milan and Pavle have been working out a Safex website that is related and localized to the Balkan region with crypto currency information and articles written in the native language. These will be released with in the next couple of weeks together with Serbia language tutorials for the Safex wallet and trading crypto currencies on the bittrex and cryptopia exchange.

Finally, and not last we will be pushing the update for the Safex Wallet during this week that have been outlined in the previous development update. This push will also alleviate some of the confusion with the decimals and commas issue people are having depending on what you’re used to when looking at your safex balance on the wallet.

Looking forward to the work for this week as usual, and to see you all next weekend with the Safex Dividend Calculator.

Safex Developers


Thank you for being elaborate with your updates…we all very much appreciate these.


The dividend calculator can help you make an educated guess what the valuation of safex and the marketplace will be.

A futher update you’d want to know is the Airdrop from Chille blockchain it will have a big effect as well on ROI, we are seeing about fitting it into the calculator as well. Money supply is something we’re still discussing.

It is more tricky because we must find a balance between miners, investors, buyers, and securing the network.


Dan, in terms of mining, do you have any plans on contacting Genesis Mining and seeing if they will be able to provide mining services for Chille? I have been mining ethereum through Genesis for the past couple months, but would prefer to switch over my mining allocation to Chille coins if they offered that. Genesis Mining has had mixed reviews online, but having a third party being able to mine Chille for interested parties could be an effective way to get more awareness.


I’m sure that many companies will be interested in supporting mining for Chille blockchain.


I’m ready to lose sleep to Cocainlions pc miner.

Any progress with discussion on mining receiving rewards + split of fee?

Love the weekly updates, always great to Safex grow. Keep it up bro.


Thinking that will be covered in the purple paper



I seem to remember a video of the SAFEX team in where also is talked about decentralised online storage (can’t find it anymore) - I might be wrong and mix up some projects, but if this was from the SAFEX team, would you care to share some information about this?

Obviously this is way ahead of time, but there’s probably some other ‘long term investors’, who might like to know the roadmap after the blockchain and marketplace have been released.



Roadmap is on the website,


Great!! Looking forward to it.


Good, I like you’re consistent with updates, like we have new info every week.


Will there be an official Chille mining pool when the blockchain launches?