Safex Development Update September 24, 2017

Dear forum members, why are all of you confused or complicating something that has been made crystal clear in the latest update? It’s simple. If you own a considerable amount of Safex and the project “market” generates a couple of billion in transaction volume/year you can all quit your day jobs unless you love it or earn a considerable amount of money.
Enough said!

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@snaket that was an old video and it formed a basis/benchmark. Since then we have hired an expert economist who has a sole duty to research and define from reality what should be economical for us as a business and a community.

Since then the model has been improved and redefined using data from the world.


I am glad you will be a guest at our event
I am also glad that you are one of the creators of the power of Dascoin.
That you can share time to create blockchain Dascoin and Safex and Chille.
Daniel! You are great!
Already on Saturday Dascoin to the moon!
And then it’s time for Safex. Time for Chille!

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thanks @damianzukiewicz just to clarify, I had been developing and very actively working on Dascoin from July 2016 - Jan 2017 since then I have transitioned to strictly an advisory role and my developing focus is 100% on Safex.

Going to be an exciting event this weekend right now indeed :sunrise_over_mountains: :sunrise: :city_sunrise:


Was this involvement in Dascoin communicated to the safex community in an earlier stage? Can I assume that your 100% commitment to safex means I won’t get any of these ‘surprises’ in the future?

not sure what you mean by surprises? O.o

Surprises: Are there any other projects, besides Dascoin (advisory) and safex (development) where you are involved in?

Can’t wait to hear how it goes in Japan. One obvious thing that will really be great is getting listing on Japanese and (especially) Korean exchanges (no doubt that is part of why you are there). The exposure would be massive. Chinese that still trade cryptos (through exchanges outside of China) will also get involved as well.