Safex Development Update September 24, 2017

Greetings team,

During the past week we’ve put our focus to launching a summation of hard research conducted by our Chief Economist: Ivana Tudorovic. It takes the form of the Safex Dividend Calculator which projects a realistic scenario that the Safex marketplace could experience and the rate of dividends we could expect given the scenario that is the default. You can find it on the website after the first set of paragraphs.

Ivana worked out an article that is also a walk through about the calculator:

As well as a youtube video that explains the calculator:

Furthermore, Nikola and I (Daniel) are preparing for a trip to Tokyo, Japan where we will be at a crypto currency conference with 3,500 members in attendance who are crypto currency enthusiasts and investors. This will take place from September 27th and we will be returning on October 3rd. This means the next development update will take place from Tokyo, Japan.

The Safex Wallet updates will be postponed until the Apple Developer account is approved so that the next update we push will be signed and verified which will put many of you and new users at ease seeing the Safex Developers brand when you open the applications rather than “unknown developers”.

Finally, we did come to some conclusions on the release windows for the Chille Blockchain development and the roadmap of other developments. You can see the website and go down to the roadmaps section and see the titles are replaced with Quarterly defined release windows ranging from now Q4 2017 - Q2 2018 (release of the marketplace).

Really glad to have reached this milestone with the calculator and to introduce Ivana to the community officially. This is such an exciting time for us and the stake holders in Safex. Catch you all from Tokyo next Sunday, and as usual see you throughout the week!

Safex Developers


Thank you very much for the video and the weekly updates are above and beyond what most are doing in the crypto community to share valuable information. Keep up the great work! The dividends are astronomical! You guys have a great trip to Japan and I’m sure it will be a big hit !


Awesome tool. Do you anticipate a Safex to Chilie calculator in the future so we can get an idea of how many Chillie coins we will receive? Thanks and keep up the great work. BTW, keep hiring talented beautiful women like Ivana!


Daniel and Ivana,

Thank you for the update. I have read the Medium article, watched the video of the update, and look forward to reviewing Ivana’s video.

What comes up for me is beginning to explore how, as members of the SAFEX Community, we can support the ongoing development of the Chille marketplace moving forward. It would be helpful, if possible, to create a vision for our community as to our contribution and what that might become over time. If, in future updates, you could consider including some information on how SAFEX holders can support the unfoldment of the marketplace - whether it be offering suggestions on potential partners, as an example, or other means of putting our collective resources behind this project, I imagine this would be well-received.

Of course, this may be premature, given all that you have to work on at present, and I understand this. I simply want to put forth my personal intentions and desire to support this project with more than investment capital. Relationship capital may be infinitely more valuable than financial capital in the weeks and months ahead.

Great Good Success in Tokyo!


Hello team! Love the update, i can’t wait for what will happen after you have been to Tokyo! It would be nice to see if the crypto community starts to talk more and more about safex! Its well deserved and need more attention! :smiley:


Keep going like this! Like we met again some of your team members


Great update guys, thanks!

If i’m correct, the alpha phase of the Chille blockchain will happen in Q4 2017 already, and beta phase will come Q1 2018?

Thats really quick imo, this is good news! (if i’m correct)


Amazing update! Thank you Daniel and Ivana for the amazing calculator! Looking forward to your next update!:grinning::blush:


When is the exact date of the conference? I would like to accumulate more before the price increases

Very much appreciated!

Can anyone explain me the concept used in safex calculator.

Estimated Trade volume=$500,000,000
market fee=5%
so total fee collected = $500,000,000*5/100=25,000,000
Out of which 10% will be distributed among 2,147,483,647 coins so
$25,000,000 coins will be distributed among total supply
every coin gets $0.0116 so 100000 coins will get $1,164. Is that so?? Or is it just coincidence that my calculations are matching what mentioned by the calculator?

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Shouldn’t be only $2,500,000 distributed to the SAFEX coins holders because that’s 10% of $25,000,000 ?
In which case every coin only gets $0.00116

You should give this article a read if you need the calculator explained to you


Oh yes!! Sorry I had put extra zero there. So that means according to the calculator we are getting nine times more.

It is still confusing as in the previous videos you said in one of the video 10% will be distributed. But here 100% is being distributed. Will this happen everytime.
Previous video states that at the time of launch of chille blockchain some amount of chille coins will be distributed to us. The video tells us that the amount which we will earn after 2018 completion. But you also said that only 10% of the fee will be distributed but calculator is distributing 100%

It’s 100% as the calculator gives.

Yeah!! That a bit confusing. As the calculator does not match what was told by dandabek.

Plus if They distribute 100% everytime as being told in the video that you can calculate your further earnings beyond 2018.

How are they going to fund the project?

They will have a portion of safex for the project that itself earns dividends which can be used to pay for development.

What about the video of 10% only.

Well if you want to be sure, ask Dan himself