Safex Development Update: September 3, 2017

Greetings friends, Website Updates
During this past week we’ve been working on updating the website by adding more explanation and graphics related to the Safex story. I recommend you all go and find the content.

Additionally we’ve reenabled the Safex coin vending application which allows you to buy safex coins without making an account on the exchange. You can purchase safex coins directly to your wallet using this application by using Option 1 and supplying the address in your Safex Wallet. This is working nicely as it was in the past.

Safex Wallet v2 is proving quite successful and stable based on the feedback from the community. This is great. Further upgrades will include the Safex coin voting application which will be addressed towards the end of the month.

Here is a guiding video on use of the Safex Wallet:

Chille Blockchain Dividend Calculator
We also have been directly sorting through the task of the Chille Dividend Calculator. This has a release window of 3-4 weeks away, in time for September 21-30. This is our target for the calculator and a draft of the economic white paper.

Chille Blockchain Continuity
In addition, I have been reviewing the past couple of months of feedback and data regarding feature requirements that will make the Chille marketplace a remarkable achievement of infrastructure for global trade.

It is amazing that some active members of our community are already trading on markets and can see the purpose and potential for our crypto currency based marketplace that we are building.

The first drafts of the technical whitepaper will come in tandem with the economic whitepaper. The release window for these are between September 21 and October 6.

Further News
We have been invited to a couple of conferences in this month, more information will be available on that in the next couple of updates.

As usual, it is great to be shaping the future of commerce together. Looking forward to another great and productive week for the Safex team and the community.

Safex Developers




Dan & Team,

Thank you for the update, your continued dedication to this project, and your willingness to share the process as it unfolds. It brings into perspective the depth of what is possible with Chille coin and the marketplace.

Looking forward to reading the white paper and sending you a working paper on what Blockchain may be able to do in bringing peace to the Conflict Zones in Colombia. So much potential there. You work is certainly an inspiration!

Do let us know of the upcoming conferences so that we can explore these venues with you. I will be heading to an Alliance for Peace conference in Washington, DC, in October and am very much looking forward to a discussion on Blockchain and Peace-Building, particularly as it pertains to proof of provenance and opening financing to isolated communities.

Have A Great Week, All!!


Very much looking forward to the dividend calculator, as many others. I would assume that means you guys would have the emission rate and all the economics figures out by then.

I have been waiting for months to figure out the ROI for Safex holders in regards to the Chili blockchain.

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And then, i had no excuse to test safex wallet…

It ran perfectly in my old win 32-BIT PC

No way i’m getting a new computer this year lol!

Thank you all very much!