Safex dividends

I have safex on coinspot. I am just wondering how this works with the dividends? Should I have them somewhere else? If so where?

Hi Matt. There are enless posts and videos on this. You need to move them into the Safex Wallet you download from Then when the time comes u will get Chille Tokens or something similar.

Research the wallet thing now, learn to use them
Get it ready , make your device your using them on secure,
Don’t wait till near the date when the chille coins are coming, whenever that is

Hi Matt,

I have the same case and i sent my SAFEX from coinspot to my Hard Wallet. Its all good, took about 5 minutes and coins are already on the SAFEX wallet.

Coinspot charges 100 SAFEX per transaction by the way and i assume from all the forums that i read that you have to have SAFEX wallet in order to get the Chiles and dividends so i guess just go for it!

Hope this helps.