Safex Exchange

i want to know where i can sell my safex cash coins because the price is coingecko is showing i can’t see it in XCalibra / LiveCoin
where can i sell my stock at 0.04$ / SFX ?
also BW deposit options are disabled

1 Like exchange will open deposits and withdrawals after the SFX launch promotion.


You can just sell them


but i am not getting the correct price

these exchanges are still based on old price which is not worth 0.018$/sfx
only BW have pumped price 0.04$ but there is no deposit option avail what to do

Erm… I don’t think you understand how crypto trading works. There’s no set price. Each exchange has buy and sell orders placed by people just like yourself.

Until BW open their deposits and withdrawals, you can only trade by buying or selling within the pool of 2m SFX that was subject to the coin launch on the exchange.

Otherwise, you use the other exchanges that currently have deposits and withdrawals open.

Once BW opens D/W, then arbitrage trading will likely level the price across the exchanges.


hmm so thats mean sfx not really worth more than 0.01$

After the market place launches you may be able to move the 1 two decimal places to the left.


It’s worth whatever the next person like yourself is willing to pay you on an exchange. Similar to trading stocks.For some it might be worth 0.04, others 0.01 it depends.