SFX - Safex Cash

That picture looks nice, but that jump was based on really low volume.

Is this where I get to say… Wen Moon?

Big price jumps are not going to happen without big exchanges and we all know that. We can have moments of joy when price jumps on low volume, but thats it, only moment.

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As CZ says: good tech wins

I think safex is good tech too
maybe meeting with CZ…

I’m watching mccafee new debit card. Interesting tech. Is such a card in the thinking of our exchange ?

Our first stable exchange: triple top at ~250 sats

algo changed up to horizontal mining,

does it break?


SFX/BTC weekly chart on xcalibra:

50-60 sat area tested the fourth time + (near) oversold RSI
idea: ranging in 50-60 sat area until next move upwards


Just to refresh the exchange info for SFX…

SFX is currently listed on the following exchanges:

  • Xcalibra (Pairings: BTC, SFT, RSD)
  • Coindeal (BTC)
  • Livecoin (BTC, USDT, ETH)
  • Shortex (BTC, USDC)

SFX mentioned in altcoinbuzz.io 's top 8 micro cap gems citing the marketplace protocol completion and gui release as part of why SFX is worth considering.


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Since every 2 minutes 130 sfx are produced via mining, you can see that clearly some miner is offloading sfx on autopilot via xcalibra.

amounts are around 130 sfx plus some which is likely from transaction fees and the duration apart looks like when the block production is made.

So clearly, there is some % of liquidation by a big miner make a limit order at the highest bid sufficient for accumulating sfx.


maybe by the pool miners


SFX/BTC weekly:

ranging in 50 - 60 sat area has been taking place, RSI still in the lows
high volatility: low of 51 sat and high of 125 sat was reached
idea: bottom of 50 - 60 sat area will hold, next up move incoming

50 sat bottom line on the weekly:

order book:


SFX/BTC weekly at xcalibra:

as suggested, 50 sat support has held and move up taken place
an increase of the total network hashrate increased the cost of mining and adds to the support of a higher price level



Safex Cash snapshot since Coinmarketcap.com started tracking SFX since around exactly 1 year ago. (November 5th, 2019, remember remember)

Since then, we have xcalibra.com price fully tracking on coinmarketcap (April 2020).

You can start to see volume in April 2020, with a small price rise edging towards $1m marketcap

Through May, the launch of SFXOS, got more people mining, hashrate went up, caught attention of larger miners, more distributed coin supply as a result, price stayed constant.

My read on the situation now, is interest in the launch post finish off of the Safex Marketplace, mining continues to increase.

evident in the hashrate chart @cryptooli posted previously.

some history and milestone connections how I see it


Although a new exchange on the market, it is also a new exchange for Safex Cash. This comes unsolicited, yet it seems that based on the website text it is an exchange for proof of work coins.

Posting this here, to see how things progress onward, as a documentary of the first spontaneously generated exchange listing for Safex



the first of the very many that will organically add us


Just to refresh the exchange info for SFX…

SFX is currently listed on the following exchanges:

  • Xcalibra (Pairings: BTC, SFT, RSD)
  • Livecoin (BTC, USDT, ETH)
  • KuangEx (USDT)
  • Shortex ??? (Was BTC, USDC) [unable to login: 21 Nov 2020]

SFX / BTC weekly at xcalibra:

Volume steadily increasing, price establishing > 100 sat ( 0.02 USD)

New listing: SFX / USDT on BW exchange (BW.com):

Trading opened at 0.02 USD - currently at 0.037 USD. SFX were distributed to program participants, SFX deposits and withdrawals are not opened yet.

After opening of deposits and withdrawals, SFX can be expected to find a new price level on all available exchanges. With more listings incoming, we have exciting days and weeks ahead.


Nice, thanks for the info @cryptooli & @aussiesloth. Thanks @dandabek.