Safex finally blasted off

ATTENTION Real HODLers! We are OTW to the moooon… Any insights of how big we can get??


You only have to see what happened to other cryptos when they started taking off
+50% in a day
+3000% in a month
The better the project, the more it goes up :smiley:

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Until the marketplace and associated blockchain start getting used it’s impossible to predict with any accuracy.

After reading the blue paper and getting a better idea about what’s intended and designed I think this is a keeper. How valuable is internet commerce? How valuable is a private and secure form of digital commerce?

SafeX is setting itself up to absorb a fair share of that pie. The currency they’re proposing is also looking like something that will be very valuable. Especially in the early days for people who like mining with computers or GPU array’s.

Be patient with these coins and the price will likely be much much higher in several years. The dividends you accumulate will not be insignificant either.

Now its getting redicoulus, a new thread every 10 minutes saying exact same thing. Perhaps use the threads existing already instead of flooding the forums with to the moon, lets make cash etc.

Real hodlers that believe in the project is not that focused on value but rather the end game wich here is the marketplace!

long time holders olways win:rofl::money_mouth_face: