Safex Hard Fork v5 - Mining Bug Fix

Due to a bug discovered which is affecting most miners on the network, we’re going to have to perform a hard fork on December 11th, 2019 at 2PM CEST.

If you run a node, pool, or solo mine, please update your Safex daemon before the hardfork date to avoid getting out of sync with the network.

  • If you’re mining directly from a pool you do not need to do anything and you can carry on as normal.
  • If you’re solo mining, either directly within Safexd (via start_mining command) or with the Safe Rig software, you will need to update.
  • If you’re just running a node to support the network, or to use it for your command line interface wallet, you will need to update.
  • If you’re a pool owner, you will need to update.

To update, simply delete (or re-name incase you need to revert back) your existing safexd.exe (./safexd in Ubuntu and OSX), download the latest version from Safex Github, and replace the old version with it.

Once you’ve downloaded and replaced with the latest version, you can run it like normal. It will automatically switch during the hard fork, and you will not need to run any command for this to happen.

Download the latest binaries here:

Remember - if you meet the conditions above, update before 2PM CEST on 11th December (tomorrow, at the point of writing this).


Devs, hi! May be update yours explorer and official pool nodes ?
And one more thing - unban me on discord :smiley: (idk why you did this)

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Gj for explorer alive again.

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Discord username?

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Unbanned… please take the time to read and absorb the Community Guidelines when you return.