Safex hits 1000 votes! YOUR HELP STILL NEEDED!

We made it to 1000 votes!
approx 185 votes in past 24 hours!
Great job @safe_exchange community!
We still need your help!

Please vote every day, and get more people to vote. We can’t do it without you all!

Please help!


People not wanting to vote because they don’t care about selling, trading etc etc

Consider the DDOS attacks on the pools lately. Theoretically, if someone had enough hash power and DDOS’d all of our main pools they could cause great damage to our blockchain.

By getting listed on exchanges, and getting a price for Safex Cash, it will allow miners to see that it is profitable to mine. This will increase the network hash, reducing the possibility of manipulation. It will also lead to a more consistent network hash rate, which leads to more consistent block times. This is necessary for when we are live marketplace, reduce variability in block times.
Additionally, we need 2 exchanges to be listed on CMC which will bring more interest to our project which is needed for the marketplace to be well known and successful.


I agree with all of this but am a bit miffed when you speak of coinmarketcap
Not only has safex always been listed there, but the volume in distribution has been grossly misrepresented. This site’s credibility is puss.

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Sure, but Safex Cash and the new Safex Token are not listed there.

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Ah yep. My bad.


Keep on voting! We have to be on top of the game :muscle:


more people need to engage and vote
Show your support!


Wow! 213 votes in the last 24 hours! We have a great chance if we keep this up.

It’s another day! Please vote for #SAFEX again and please get your friends to vote too!


amazing progress we made so far :clap:


We made it!
Thanks everyone for their time and support :raised_hands: