Safex in Media

Here are several articles about Safex Market that were released recently.
These are about Safex & Aharon.
Post here when you find text about Safex in media, and be free to use them to expose Safex Market online :wink:


Good publicity for sure!

Especially since Dan, Aharon and others are working so hard :+1:

But what is really starting to irk me is how the Safex brand has been leveraged. For a moment there, I saw a new app in my news feed, which I then googled and actually thought had been released as a mobile wallet:

Why would an app, formerly existing as the Ecoin Wallet, market additional cryptocurrencies for buying and selling, but adopt Safex to it’s label? They even use the phrase Safe Exchange in their advertisements. In the crypto space now there is multiple use of Safex, SFX, SFT, etc., which kinda seems like an encroachment!

To add to the confusion, Safex Wallet is listed as affiliated with


I suggest reporting that app in the app store, we are in the process of dealing with the one in the google play store.