needs a whitepaper

Any chance of getting an updated whitepaper? I can find no link to it on and a google search linking to it comes up as a blank pdf. It is a bit worrisome that the only whitepaper to be found is on an entirely different site.

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I think that the original white paper has too much inaccuracy because of the pivot… Also for example Bitcoin launched software before its whitepaper.

It’s not the case that we forgot all about it. We just are not putting massive emphasis on proposing a whitepaper until some details are 100% ironed out like in Bitcoin the whitepaper was published just few time before the release of the actual implementation. It’s almost here the time of the Chille whitepaper.


does that mean that a chilli whitepaper will be released soon ? Thanks for the hard work DAN

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What is a whitepaper?

Thanks Dan. Sounds like Chille is coming along! I am interested in seeing the its whitepaper.

I suppose you can think of it like a marketing tool. It explains what the project is about and why there’s a need for it. It also has more technical info than what’s presented from browsing


Was just searching for the whitepaper so I could try and nut out the differences between Chille and other aspiring marketplaces like BitBay for example. Do we have a list of key features/goals anywhere to reference while we wait?

There is a roadmap on
Note that the words “Safex” and “Chille” are clickable as there are two roadmaps.

The whitepaper is due this month.