Safex is here for a reason that exceeds us

In recent months, there have been a lot of mixed emotions within the Safex community. When it comes to finances, people tend to react emotionally and this is understandable. However, people need to change the way they perceive short term hiccups. We are too zoomed in on a timeline that is both large and complex.

Safex is bigger than all of us, even the Safex team. When you remove the individual, a wallet being a month late doesn’t matter, a marketplace being 6 months late doesn’t matter, adoption being 2 years late doesn’t matter. All that does matter is that a private decentralised marketplace becomes operational.

The vast majority of the world live under a vial of illusion. The future will only be different if the people of today act upon it. I see many people working hard to awaken the masses but nothing compares to the work that Dan and the team are doing to develop a decentralised, global, borderless, private, frictionless, trade-software-ecosystem.

The world needs this technology. Safex is bigger than all of us. We all need to support Dan and the team every fricken step, no matter what happens. We are lucky to be here.


It’s an observation I’ve noticed within all cryptocurrency communities. For many, crypto is their first ever venture into investing (beyond having a savings account with their bank). We saw an influx of people late 2017 with the bull market, and many seeing it as the golden ticket out of financial difficulty or early retirement.

Becase of this, as you said, people are highly emotive. With no formal experience in investing and with the high-expectations of cryptocurrency returns in the short-term, it causing all kinds of emotional reactions. And because of this, we often lose sight of the real thing, which is the potential of this project long-term.

As humans, we’re wired to be loss-averse. They say the pain of losing is twice as worse as the feeling of gaining something.

“Everyone feels blame more acutely than praise.” - Charles Darwin

This is a fundamental reason why FUD often has more of an impact on someone than any positive information. Because we tend to dwell on the negatives (in this case, the short-term delays) compared to the long-term postiives (the potential of the project).

We then try and justify our negative feelings by over-observing a situation and filling in the gaps - almost creating narative that simply doesnt exist.

Until we come to terms with our own biases and emotional abilities, there will always be FUD. And as i said before, FUD will always hold a stronger impression on your mind compared to something positive. This is why FUD always works.