SAFEX is the solution to: PtP, Paywall, and PPL

Okay this may sound funny because it should have been obvious. But bear with my thought process. I was rereading these threads trying to solve a complex problem.


So I stripped it down to the fundamentals…

If money comes from consumers, what do “most” consumers have to spend?
Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Safecoin, Dodge, and Fiat (Dollar, Euro, Yen, Yuan, Ruble).

If “liking” is the most convenient way to show appreciation / tip “walletmark” content, what is the easiest way to send different currencies?

If SAFEX provides a walletmark tipper/liking functionality for different currencies… can it facilitate a paywall?
This might have to be a different APP. But if it does, then it would function just like the “visa/master card accepted here” posted on websites.

I should have bought more SEC.


In which way it will be different from Tether or Nubits (centralized with good liquidify PEG dollars, but they intend to PEG euro and yuan) or Bitshares (descentralized PEG with weak liquidity)?

Thing is, who is disposed to accept my brazilian real instantly, like in shapeshift with crypto? And the seller, how would he convert brazilian real to FIAT (assuming he doesn’t wants safecoin)?

@dallyshalla is the best person to answer your question, but I’ll give it a shot.

I don’t think SAFEX uses a PEG system. Instead, it’s a P2P open market exchange. There’s no “middle” currency like Tethers or Nubits.

The seller would post what currencies they accept. If the buyer doesn’t have the accepted currency, they use SAFEX to convert what they have into the accepted currency, assuming there’s a market for their currency. Obviously, the most common currencies will have more liquidity, therefore easier to convert.


Oh, i see. But isn’t that a mere calculator app?

It is not possible paying for something directly in fiat. You would throw equivalent crypto to the ammount of FIAT that you want.

A little more complex than that. The exchange rate between currencies is driven by supply and demand. Basically, you find another user(s) willing to “exchange” their currency for yours.

Yes, if the seller accepts fiat. They would need to be part of the fiat system (i.e. linked to a bank).

Local bitcoins sellers do this by letting you deposit “cash” into their bank account and they release the bitcoins to you.

A seller on SAFE could do the same thing via SAFEX. They post their deposit info of their bank, and then release the product or service upon proof of deposit.


lol, you are thinking in local negociations, friend.

International transactions are not that easy. But i get what you’re saying, even the “deposit info” (a scan of a paper or a .pdf file) could need an ammount of safecoin to be in the net, if you think in terms of security/anonimity.

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dyamanaka, have you ever considered bartering in Safex?

That’s not so different of what we are talking, don’t you think?

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I imagine bartering will be something that happens here. In the past bartering is tough because you can not figure out the trade value of goods just at the moment someone comes around and says

“Cherries for your bread”

If there is some electronic database of barter offers out there they can get facilitation because someone will trade cherries for bread, bread for wheat, and wheat for eggs.

And I can see that happening since we can clear it instantly should it occur and even robotically I think this will lead to a huge efficiency, including the “swap” of alt coins in exchange for real world goods. Something for down the line, yet we have the minds for bringing such a system around that I think will accomplish this by filling in any gaps people would have in their trade intentions.

@dyamanaka think the idea of a generic Walletmark and people can choose what form of payment they intend for, even a contract as part of their walletmark. Something to produce, yet more towards a 2.0 I can see how a good roadmap can help with throttling ideas; yet don’t stop.


Yes, in all your examples we can easily find all the prices in one fiat or crypto reference. I thought in things that cannot have a clear price, like baseball cards, or other sentimental/subjetive items.

And remember, not always they can be converted in pieces. Example:

I have a Picasso that i think is priceless, what do you have, also, priceless that could interest me (assuming you want my Picasso)?

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… you have to have a price if you wnat to go to market… if the other party also has a priceless article for sale, and you agree… well then there is a price match…