SAFEX Listed at Trade Satoshi Exchange?

Yeah, there were three buy orders. Someone sold into the highest one.

pretty high price too… This is interesting though, Im curious whats happening

The buy orders might have been put there by the exchange owners just to get things started. All the orders had the same number of safex coins at three different prices.

That makes sense… I would think there would be an official announcement soon, right? Im chomping at the bit, but trying to stay calm :slight_smile:

When someone works out how to enable 2FA on the site let me know. Thanks guys.

Patience. Chomping at the bit could lead to a mistake.

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Yes, yes…

It looks like its in the profile, security

Just go into the security section of your profile and you can pick what type and in which action you want to enable 2FA. i.e. login/withdrawl/transaton

If there’s no 2FA, I personally wouldn’t put a single penny on there.

waita read nothing for yourself. :+1:

There is 2FA, site reminds about it by itself.

Account -> security

Its there, I just set it up. They have three different tiers for login, withdrawal, and transferring.

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Especially being a small exchange in Asia somewhere. I’ve just heard too many horror stories about that. I think there’s even an older thread on this forum regarding that exact thing. 2FA must be used in my opinion.

I believe they are a UK based exchange

I think we should all wait for an announcement from @dandabek before using this exchange! If the safex team hasn’t done it’s due diligence, we could lose all our safex. Hold tight and wait for a response. How can we get a hold of Dan!

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I get that feeling too… Seems a little odd, but Im game once theres some sort of announcement from the team…

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Yeah, just read that they are UK. That’s cool. Hope trade laws don’t screw that one too.:man_shrugging:

LOL totally.

STOP CREATING RUMOURS - THERE IS 2FA ON TRADESATOSHI. How many posts do you need to understand?