SAFEX Listed at Trade Satoshi Exchange?

Check out the Link here guys…
@dandabek Can you please confirm this? Waiting for your official announcement regarding this…


Wow!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:… Fingers crossed

I think that the only way to create liquidity on that exchange is to begin using it. It could take a while to build the volume up though; 20% rake on the buys according to the other thread. Hope that isn’t true.

Better get some cash in there fast to scoop up all the safex those panicking day traders are going to dump when it goes live :star_struck:

20% rake on buys! What th hell? That’s actually nuts.

It’s 0.2% :joy::joy:… Some one can’t read


It’s 0.20%

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Lol Yh just saw that I was mistaken quite massively lol

I will buy all your Safex DogBoy for 20 BTC!

EDIT: 0.2 BTC :wink:


My bad for repeating what I read on the other thread. :blush:

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Is 0.2% not ridiculously cheap? Lol not that I’m complaining, must be why my brain read 20% as seemed ridiculous but less ridiculous :eyes::eyes:

if i remember correctly bittrex has a 0.25% fee. So it’s not that much different.

I’ve clearly never paid attention to the buying fee :no_mouth:

350 safex withdrawal fee which isn’t bad also.


not really cheap. But at least it’s not as much an on cryptopia :slight_smile:

How come that I have just set up a SafeX Wallet on here. (where you download the wallet to your computer). I have rolled my Safex in their but it is showing up $0. Any ideas as to why it is showing this and what is going to happen? Thanks.

Well folks, it’s a start. I wonder how long Safex has been listed there? Has it been listed this whole time and nobody knew about it??

Make sure you copy your private key just in case!

Aslong as it shows the safex balance the $balance doesn’t matter. Known issue. If safex balance shows as 0 safex then be patient as can take a while.

I can see one transaction :
19/12 23:11:00 Sell 0.00000350 3289.47368421