Update from dan

If they would have kept trading open then wouldnt the people exiting bittrex and cryptopia would have migrated there?

Most likely they are afraid of regulators or the FUD we are now wading through.

Is there any information about this site ?


What have we here?

20% on each buy? Let alone transfer fees. Plus I don’t know if it was because I’m on my phone but not much was loading, maybe not trading.

Well its something more of a creigslist for crypto.

I was mistaken massively 0.2% not 20 lol

No wonder transaction take so long. omni charges $16 but only gives .43 (243 sats or 3% to btc network/miners) no wonder transaction time takes so long

Chilli coin is for spending, not trading

enough with the damn talking ponit. If there is a market to make money its for tradeing. Coins, crypto, bricks, or crap (Safex crap)

Maybe next time you should look into what u invest next time big fella. Maybe buy 10k instead of 1mil. I read and researched this and i saw alot of ( THIS IS A LONG TERM INVESTMENT) take your bullshit somewhere else


Agree Nelson. Long term. No need for people to dribble and spook others for no reason. Any investment is a risk know what your getting into before you get aboard. It’s an investment not a gamble or a sure thing to make you money now.


I see he has been suspended good hope he won’t be bk what a fudder

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I don’t understand why anyone would sale/trade safex. To me 1 safex=priceless. This a hold for life coin and if you don’t want to pass on your private key, just hollow out your femur and put a lamented copy of your private key in it. Better yet, hide it and promise it to anyone who can resurrect you, but don’t really give it to them. How many people win lawsuits against zombies. #zombieprivilege

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Hope all day trader’s holding safex loose big!!! Safex is long term hold put it in wallet and wait for the divis to start rolling in :slight_smile:

So the current price on the website is $1.67 but some people say they paid $0.04. Is this correct?

Does anyone have any idea when they will be available on the exchanges and for how much?

And where do we receive them to if we buy from the website now?


Thank you sir!

I sent my coins from Cyptopia and the transfer took about 2hrs

I have same issue. Transfered 10 000 coin from the Safex wallet to tradesatoshi 2 days ago and still it is unconfirmed.

Wasn’t it less then 2 days ago that safex got listed?