Update from dan

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGeous7kMYI Thank you dan


was he in the bathroom on the potty? lol just trying to lighten the mood … love the hiring part!!!


Good update from Dan. Was really glad to hear him more focused on the long term development and launch of the product rather than some drama with exchanges and panicking day traders.

2018 will be a great year for SafeExchange holders as well as many other innovative projects we’re seeing.


Never worried myself !

Dan is the man !

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Sounds good let’s focus on the project at hand and the future of safex and the day traders will come
And go good luck to them in a few months they wish they would of stayed around, I’ll sell my coins when I’m a millionaire and fly over and shout dan a need, keep
Focusing on the task at hand and get it up and running and everyone else needs to stay positive and deal with any small dramas along the way like a adult

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Hiring people, 400 sqm offices. YES and YES! Releasing Website, WP and Wallet update? YES! And “highly optimistic” situation regarding exchanges? YES!

So it’s 4xYES for SAFEX.


Yes that was music to my ears! :slight_smile:

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Are you sure its not Tinnitus?

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Either tinitus or the radio. One of the two

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Same ol Dan. tough luck. Trust me this is going to be hughhh and we r trying.

Thx for forcing me to hold ur crap coin. But no liquidity and no market


Yeah im a trader and only want money. Never in a million yrs would I think all exchanges would ban a coin. But then if something is such crap no one would touch it

Hey Mr. Trader, how many coins you have?

I’m sorry guys buy to be honest if i had the chance to dump my safex i would. There are way to many other projects taking off right now and to have my money sitting in a wallet with no value is nonsense

These comments just prove to me how much of this crypto surge is complete fluff. So many people “investing” in “projects” that add nothing to technology whatsoever.

“Project taking off” = actual usage and utility of said project, not how many people buy it’s stock.

You guys remember Enron?

Not to rain on anyone’s parade but 90 percent of the crypto market is complete fluff.
This is nothing new…does the coin have a small supply? yep, has it been lambasted? nope, okay if I buy and hold this coin I will be a millionaire. What is the coin for? who cares! That sums up most of this market.

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Safex was never intended to be a coin to trade with. Transactions are expensive and slow and if you guys had done your research you would have known that beforehand. The coin has one purpose: staying in a wallet and paying dividends to longterm investors.
If you’re daytrading a coin like this you most likely haven’t done your research properly. Getting the coin listed at exchanges should not be a priority for now as there are other things that are much more important for the progress of the project.


I guess that sucks for the chilli network. Since chilli is for tradeing. No coin is meant for tradeing they all started with a specific purpos not to be listed on a exchange. Ether=smart contracts, snc and other energy coins green energy payment. All your masternode shit coins are basically a dividend payment like linda 1 sat but atleastvit has a market.

So u see a system was created to buy and sell these coins like everything else in the world. Only tradeing gives value to anything.

Selling all coins message with offers

You’re wrong. earning dividends by simply owning the coins has value. No trade needed. The “safex cash” coin or whatever it will be called will be for trading on the market.

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Also, the current Safex coins are on the bitcoin blockchain. The upcoming marketplace coins will be on a new blockchain and quite likely will be faster, cheaper to send and scaleable. McAfee is investing in this for good reason.

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Yeah keep ridding that mcafee horse. That pumper probably screwed himself too. Didnt expect the delisting result across THE ENTIRE FUCKING INTERNET!!!

Actually it was his statement that its better to be delisted from everywhere before it was delisted.
Get some coin education before making bs posts.
You wanna sell your coins? Good, if you have decent price someone will buy them. You don’t need any pre-sell made up bs.