Safex Marketing: Written Content

Hi guys! :facepunch:

As we’re expecting the launch of the marketplace, what do you think we all make the community effort and help out?
Let’s research and contact portals and blogs locally (in your country, ones you read and know they’re good) and see who of them is willing to publish safex related content pro bono?

That’s how safex will get more exposure and will grow on google ranking.

We can use articles published on or you can just translate it. I suggest contacting reliable medium blogs & portals who are writing about Fintech and CryptoCurrency. Even the research about good portals could help a lot.

I personally contacted several local fintech, crypto, even mainstream portals and blogs, and already agreed on some sort of cooperation.

Let me know what you think in the comments!
If you think you can help, I can share some tips and ideas.
@mark0spasic :crown:


Please share some tips and ideas, and if @dandabek likes “well lets do this”


Sure , we also must spread the news on seller forums of amazon,ebay etc… so we can attract well know and established sellers which will make safex looks serious and trustworthy. We can even create spam bots .
The rough task is to attract buyers who would prefer to use crypto instead of paypal/credit card , to do that we need unique exclusive products plus products that people prefer to buy anonymously or to have more attractive prices.
Anyway i am sure the safex community will respond and will come up with revolutionary ideas as always .


Ok, we can do it like this:

  1. First let’s make a list of blogs & portals that are reliable + that have some decent number of visits. I suggest targeting medium size and big size. Big size portals could ignore it or try to push it as a promoted content, but medium size portals always need new content.

  2. We can contact:

  • Portals writing about tokenomics and mining - they can just take the existing content from safex .org + maybe they’re even willing to publish news once a month

  • Portals writing about fintech - we can create smth new or translate existing (a copy can go to dabek before publishing)

  • Inform them that they have great content but they’re missing something about finance & privacy | e-commerce & cryptocurrency…

  1. Even if we just make a list altogether, that can be useful for the future!
  2. Safex community Marketing Table
  3. Contact form

Let me know what you think!


Love it