Safex Migration Help - finding my SFT/SFX

I completed 2 separate migration transaction for my Safex Coin within the V7 wallet.

The 1st migration I chose the [New Address] option, which forces me to backup the Safex Keys. I did that and was able to load up my Safex Token/Cash successfully in the Safex Orbiter Wallet v2.

However, when completing the 2nd migration transaction, I chose the [Previously Used Address] option in the v7 migration wallet which didn’t produce any backup option for the Safex Keys. At that time I assume it’s okay since it probably uses the same Safex Keys as my 1st migration transaction so I proceed with the migration by following each steps.

However, now that I’m using the Safex Orbiter Wallet v2, I’m unable to retrieve any Safex Token/Cash from my 2nd migration due to the lack of the backup keys. My original Safex Keys from the 1st migration above only retrieves all the token/cash form the 1st migration transaction, and I’m having trouble retrieving my token/cash from my 2nd migration due to this reason.

Does anyone know what can be done to retrieve the keys at this point? or any way I can load up the token/cash without the keys? I can see my migrated token/cash of my 2nd transaction in my old v7 wallet, but unable to retrieve them in the Safex Orbiter Wallet v2.

Please let me know if you need any clarifications. Thanks in advance for your helpl

When did you do the second migration burn?

1st one on June 22nd, 2nd one on June 26th.

Dan last ran his Migration Script on June 25, hence why your second burn hasn’t arrived. Rest assured, it will turn up when Dan next runs the script… no date scheduled/announced yet, to my knowledge.

Oh I see, this certainly provided some temporary comfort until the next run.

Excuse my noob question: does the migration script means it will transfer any 2nd or more migration burn using the [previously used address] and combine them into the Orbiter Wallet?

Each time Dan runs the Migration Script, all burns since the previous running get processed and the new SFT and SFX get sent to whatever Safex… ( new Blockchain) address was set in during the migration process.

Your v2 Orbiter Wallet will update the Blockchain each time it opens, and after the next running of Dan’s script, your second migration SFT and SFX will appear. (And it you do a third or more migration between now and the next running of his script they will all be picked up)