Safex Mining Pools explained

If you want to gain a basic understanding of how mining pools work, then head over to the Safex Blog and checkout the latest article…


I don’t seem to get much of a payout across both my machines on avg. They are older i7 but nothing like the new chips. How much sfx should I be looking for?

Plug your total combined hashrate into the calculator at Miningpool Safex.Ninja - Safex Cash to get a very approximate daily return (only valid for the current network [global] hashrate, which can vary significantly, depending on the level of attention the blockchain receives from some of the other pools, like skypool).

Remember, pool mining returns in a large pool will give you lots of little payments to your pool balance per block found, whereas mining in a small pool will be bigger payments per block found, but the frequency will be less consistent.

In the longterm, it all leans towards the mathematical probability.

2.5 ish so just under 7 per day. Looks like I need a much better PC. Thanks

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